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I am a protestant and i have been thinking about joining the Catholic church on and off for a while now,and need some questions answered because whether i like it or not catholicism just might be the only true form of Christianity.

1.If the bible is the sole source of authority how do we know how to understand it, because it does seem to contradict it self quite a bit, i know people are going to say it doesn’t and explain away passages that would seem to disagree with the other.The thing is every denomination can do that. So how do we know which denomination has understood correctly when each group uses the bible as the sole source of authority?

2.Salvation by faith alone is the next question, i know the verses to defend this stance and the ones used to argue faith and works,however Jesus will tell people who believe in him and preformed many signs and wonders in his name that he does not know them.If faith is all that is required, this does not make any sense.

3.How are we any different then the groups that break off from mainstream protestant views, who change the Bible and claim the church fell in to apostasy?Did not Martin Luther remove books ?Don’t we claim God had failed in the first 1500 years with his church?

4.We like to say how bad the Popes were, however when one looks at history Martin Luther was not a saint and neither were the other reformers.Why do we look at them as such saints when they clearly were not?

I guess the thing is if the Bible is the absolute authority Christianity falls apart, because it gives more questions than answers,with answers that might be true or not,with no way to know whether you are understanding it correctly or not.I look this way and that way never knowing if this group has the truth or that group, i feel like maybe the whole thing is just a load of **** because when all i have is the Bible there is no way of knowing ,I don’t want people to say pray and God will give you the answer because that is just ****, because all the religions that believe in a God think he has told them there faith is true.


Welcome to Rome. You’ve basically laid out the arguments for yourself quite well, and of course you are right.

Are you wanting someone to talk you out of converting? Is that why you posted in the non-Catholic section?

Yes, your intellect can lead you to Rome. Yours has. Mine did 15 years ago. It’s all so very logical, and the Protestant system is so illogical. You are not crazy, you are quite sane.

So, take the next step!


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