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Hi everyone,

My name is David. I am a college student that is teaching Catechesis at my parish. I have an awesome group of about 32 kids that I am teaching and one of the things we talked about doing is the rosary. Most of the kids at my parish come from poor families and therefore don’t have a rosary to pray with. I want to be able to give each of my students a rosary, but currently I don’t have finances to do so. Therefore, I am just wondering if there is anyone that could generously donate 32 rosaries or the resources so I can make them myself?

Thank you so much and may God bless you all!

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Your Priest should have funds in the parish to be able to help with things for religious education


Try Rosary Army.

From the FAQ:
If I represent a church or religious school inside the United States, can I place a bulk order of rosaries for my organization? If the current inventory can support an order of your size, Rosary Army would be happy to help. Rosary Army has a separate bulk order protocol that is available upon request. Please send your bulk order inquiry to and include the details of your organization and the event the rosaries are needed for.


There’s an organization called Our Lady’s rosary Makers and I believe they will send you the supplies to make simple plastic cord rosaries very inexpensively if you’re using them to evangelize.

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Autom catalog has bulk rosaries - very inexpensive.

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Thank you so much for your help! God Bless!

Was he able to help you with that? I have a place I order them in bulk ( the plastic ones) and the come each individually bagged with a Rosary instruction sheet. All you pay for is the shipping. We put them out at Church for people to take FREE. We are already in our second bulk order because they went so fast. I’ll try to remember to send you the link. Remind me of I don’t send it to you in a few days.

Hi! Thanks again for your help! The parish that I am teaching at is very poor and there isn’t necessarily a fund set out for religious education classes. Although, I am very interested in the place where I can buy the rosaries in bulk. Could you please send me the link for it?

Looking it up. I’ m not at home so I’ll try to find it here. Give me a few minutes.

You will have to wait until this afternoon once I get back home cause I have the link there. Sorry I’ll send it to you then.

If your kids have 10 fingers then there is no need to buy everyone a rosary. God gave them a rosary already. :smile_cat:

But if you still insist on getting everyone a rosary (God love you for wanting that, btw) you could always get some twine (or other cheap chord) from a craft store and teach all your students to make a rosary for themselves. You can make little knots with the twine and loop it back until you have a complete rosary. Thus teaching your students the value of ingenuity and creative thinking.
Like so:

This page has links. I believe it is the first one listed.

But I will check when I get home.

here you go I just went and got one of the Rosary pkts. from Church and here is their web site:

there are different colors that you can request. Like I said you just pay for the bulk shipping cost.

Contact your Diocese.

Have an announcement made at Mass, people often have many rosaries at home and would be thrilled to donate to your kids.

Making rosaries is inexpensive and fun!

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