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I am a newer Catholic, I converted 1 year ago this past Easter and came from a Protestant background. I was Lutheran before finally getting the courage to convert to Catholicism wher I feel I am finally at home in my faith. I am the only Catholic in my family and among my friends. My questions come up because my family and friends get on me abount being Catholic especially about Confession and Pergatory. I want to give them and explain to them better the reason why we have these and why I want to ask all of you for help for a good answer.

Question 1) In confession my freinds and family say its wrong because the Priest who is a man cannot absolve you of your sins only Christ and God can absolve and forgive sins. How can I explain to them this Sacrement of Reconciliation so they understand better? I dont think I explain it well to them so a Protestant can understand.

Question 2.) Purgatory: My family and friends say there is no such place and praying people out of Purgatory is wrong How can I explain Purgatory to them?

Question 3.) When we pray the Rosary, my family and friends say that I should never pray to Mary, that Jesus is the only one you should be praying too. They believe this because in the Rosary you repeat the Hail Mary full of grace… Even though it is straight from the Bible. Can anyone help with a good answer to them to show them that we dont pray “To” Mary, but pray with her and ask her to pray and interceed for us before Jesus and God.

Thank you to you all for all your help!

May God Bless you all and keep you! :slight_smile:


  1. Tell them that we do not confess to the priest, we confess to Jesus. God works through people, no?

  2. Here is a video I made on purgatory.

  3. We are called to pray for one another, right? Why not ask Jesus’s mom to pray for us. We do agree that there is only one mediator between God and man, and that is Jesus.

Hi Christopher and Welcome Home,

You might try going to the home page at and click on any subject under Tracts on the bottom right hand corner. There is a wealth of information regarding our faith and how to answer sticky questions. They will also give you insight on growing in the faith to become what God intends you to be. Good luck and God Bless you.


I second the suggestion to take a look at the tracts available from Catholic Answers. These ones address your questions:

*]The Forgiveness of Sins
*]The Roots of Purgatory
*]The Rosary
*]Mary: Full of Grace
*]The Intercession of the Saints
*]Praying to the Saints

Welcome home!

This is a very common route when dealing with protestants, and you’ll find all your answers in your Catechism. There are also plenty of great stories, facts and apologetics here in the forums. In fact, if you head over to apologetics from here, you’ll find the answer to these and many other questions and problems. God Bless.

Good topic for apologetics


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