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I’m trying to put together a Powerpoint to emphasize the need for good apologetics and a renewed focus on the teachings and practices of the faith for our Catholic youth. Does anyone have any insight or resources that might help with these:

How many Catholics
*]Go to Mass at least weekly
*]Go to confession (ever)
*]Believe in the true presence
*]Practice artificial birth control
*]Are pro-choice
*]Go to Hell annually
*]Kidding about number six[/LIST]And also …
*]Divorce rate among Catholics
*]Contrast in number of vocations to the priesthood from earlier years[/LIST]


You might get some from CARA.



You might find some information here:

or from the General Social Survey,

which can be found here:


Why would you assume these numbers are different than society? Contraception surveys indicate close to 99% use contraception so how different could Catholic % be? Well if 100% of the nonusers are Catholic that is 1%/23% = 97.3% verses 99% of general society. My guess is the same would be true for the other categories.


See: U.S. divorce rates for various faith groups



Who said I was?

But in case the numbers are different, I want to be very specific in what I am looking for.


From one source:

Statistical Information from “The Practice of Natural Family Planning Versus the Use of Artificial Birth Control: Family, Sexual and Moral Issues” by Mercedes Arzu Wilson, in Catholic Social Science Review, Vol VII, Nov. 2002

Couples that are married by a justice of peace – 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Couples married by the Church – 33% of marriages end in divorce.

Couples married by the Church and attend Church together – 2% end in divorce.

Couples using NFP – 2-5% end in divorce.

Couples married by the Church, pray together, and use NFP - .001 – 1% end in divorce.



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