HELP with the Liturgy of the Hours

can somebody help me on how to use the liturgy of the hours. Im am a little bit confused on the order of prayer.

What is the order on praying the liturgy?

Do i need to pray it inside the church?

do i need to sing the hymns? how? can i just sing it in chant?

Hi Viktor,
first; what do you mean by the liturgy of hours? I assume you have the Breviary of Morning & Evening Prayer? Or do you have the entire Divine Office?

We are encouraged to pray the hours by Holy Mother Church and the Breviary of Morning & Evening Prayer gives us three of the ‘hours’; Morning, Evening, and Compline (Night) prayer. We are urged to pray the hours of M, E & N and this can be done alone, in our own home, or in church with others.

I have just started this good habit. I am afraid that I never had quite got my head around how the Breviary ’ works’ until a recent retreat gave me the opportunity to figure it out.

Hymns. Can be sung if you know the music, otherwise can be said or chanted.

There is a good simple chart/outline of the pattern of morning & evening prayer, as well as night payer (Compline) in the Introduction to the Breviary. :bowdown2:

your question has been addressed on another forum, you will probably find in more helpful to keep your questions on one forum so you can more easily follow the discussion (check out forum rules) also do a search, there are some really great threads on LOTH with lots of good stuff, especially links.

I know this by the name Liturgy of the Hours too, but it is also known as the Divine Office and Breviary. Here’s a link for the curious to check out…

This link includes instruction for the laity:

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