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As i was praying i had a blaphemous lustfull thought at the same time and it was like i was talking to myself in my head. i dwelt in the thought for about 2 seconds and when it got strong i stoped the whole thing.

I can not look at a pic of the holy mary because i get thoughts right away. i normally am able to just ignore them and carry on but this one i feel i bought it against myself. in stead off just getting rid of it i found myself listening to the voice of listening to myself and then after a couple of seconds i stoped myself.

Very hard to explain but when it comes to thoughts of mary it just breaks me.

i cant even look a any person without thought rights away popping up.

should i confess this one before comunion or because i stop myself after a couple of seconds its only venial. can anyone help


People never cease to amaze me, maybe if you stop thinking about it so much it won’t happen. The more you stress about this kind of thing the more it will keep coming up because it’s always on your mind, this is a general rule for anything, if it comes up in your head, it’s just a thought, people have random thoughts.

People worry about things so much and then wonder why it happens anyways.


but when does it become mortal i know people will say the will but i really want examples. and how do i know if it was me or temptation thats anotherone i always struggle with.


Stop worrying about it being mortal or not, the priests I’ve been to here told me exactly the same thing, that people are reading these church documents without any idea of exactly how to interpret it and going around saying mortal sin, mortal sin to everything and everyone.

I farted in church - mortal sin
I swore today - mortal sin
I fell down - mortal sin
I sneezed when the priest was talking - mortal sin
A woman looked at me today - mortal sin
I looked at a woman’s chest today without realizing - mortal sin

A mortal sin would be more along the lines of what Onan did when he directly disobeyed God and masturbated when God told him to make some chick pregnant, can’t remember the Bible verse, but it was something about wasted seed. He seems to be the only God struck down for masturbating :rolleyes: No one else has to this date.


You probably have what’s called “scrupulosity”. It is a form of religious obsessive compulsive disorder. Part of the disorder is the brain’s repeated return to thoughts that provoke fear and anxiety. These thoughts you are having are not coming from your heart. Fr. Thomas Santa wrote an excellent book on scrupulosity. It contains a lot of stories from others who have experienced these things along with Q&A.


If I were you, I would go to a mental health clinic and talk to a psychologist about this. Like another poster said, you may well have a form of OCD. Invasive thoughts are very much a symptom of it. I have them, as well as the occasional invasive image (not religiously oriented anymore, thank God). Please try to not beat yourself up over it. I know they’re horrifying and awful, but they are by no means your fault. For a sin to be mortal, you must have full knowledge that what you’re doing is wrong, the matter must be grave, and you must 100% consent to the thought or action. Obviously, you aren’t consenting to these thoughts, as they are invasive. If you have OCD, you can get some meds and therapy that will really help you achieve a more peaceful state of mind. Also, ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and fill you with peace and joy. Believe me, He will, and it is amazing. Pray the Rosary if you don’t already, with the intention of reducing your anxiety; it will also help.

I have a lot of experience in this particular area. If you ever need a friend to talk to about these sorts of things, please feel free to PM me.

Would you like me to pray a Rosary for your intentions today? :slight_smile:


I think the main thing you need to do is not be concerned about it. If this thought comes about compulsively, then it is not volitional, and is not really a fault or sin of yours. Its more like a cold or an illness. Be concerned about the choices you make, including the things you chose to think about, not the things that pop into your head.

And frankly, not worrying about this is going to be the only way of stopping this.


yea but how do i know for sure that it wasn’t me that started the thought. i dont want to think i didn’t if i did and vice versa. when i want to ingnore such thoughts they just hang around. even lustful thoughts and images.


This is exactly why it wasn’t you who started these thoughts. When you ignore them, they stay with you. Trust me, none of this is your fault. I think that if you were to visit a mental health facility, you would be greatly relieved.


I suffer from scrupulosity too.
There are different kinds of scrupulosity. But the blasphemous-thought one is really very very common! The more you want to suppress the thought, the stronger it gets, right?

The fact that you are so worried about it is probably the best sign that you didn’t want the thoughts in the first place.:slight_smile:


Having disturbingly blasphemous thoughts during prayer is extremely common; monks and hermits have written about it for thousands of years now. Satan hates it when you pray and will try to screw you over, best to ignore him and realize that temptation is not sin.

The question is whether you wanted the thought there and whether you pursued it, or if the thought was just “there” and you didn’t want it there and tried to do something else. Only you can decide this.


when the thought came to me i did not get rid of the thought right away which i should have done. and i allowed it to get stroger and maybe i did it myself and after 2 seconds I relized what i was doing and stoped it i think i may need to confess it but now i have to figure out how i am going to confess it.

i have dwelt in a blaphmous and lustful thought during praying and i did not get rid of the thought right away which i should have done. after relizing what i was doing i stoped it.

i think this is ok. But maybe i should say i allowed the thought to continue from the heart maybe. i do not know yet but maybe the first one is better


There’s a powerful testamony in regards to this very issue in the spirituality forum, you should stop by and see what the poster there had to say on this subject.


I asked a priest once because I was picturing a scene from a book, and first wasn’t really aware that what i was doing was maybe wrong, and then after a few seconds I became aware… “And then you stopped it”, said the priest, and that is what counts I think?


yea your right however i still feel that i need to go and confess it so i can get it out of my heart and mind once and for all. i wont be right if i go to to also recieve holy comunion and at the same time this is on my mind. i have other sins and also weeknesses to confess as well even thou i dont think they are not grave i think. thanks for all the help guys.


It seems like you could be suffering from “scrupulosity” a religious form of OCD. A previous poster mentined Fr. Santa’s book called Understanding Scrupulosity. It is a very helpful book for people in your situation. You should get a spiritual director or regular confessor, too. He’ll be able to help you a lot once he knows the state of your soul. You are in my prayers. Peace!


Being a recovering socio-path I have a great deal of experience dealing with evil thoughts. I went from blood thirsty to pacifist in less than a year by disaplining my thoughts by binding the thought in the name of jesus christ and casting it out when I did that I never had that thought again. the more you conform your thoughts to the holy spirit the more you will think like Christ all it takes is time and devotion. Try the orthodox prayer form of the jesus prayer “lord jesus christ son of god have mercy on me a sinner” repeat it continualy out loud/in you head it helped me.


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