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I had some violent thoughts about someone , when i was on edge after something they did and kind of pictured a fictional situation about, it took me a couple seconds to realize it was wrong and dsimissed it immediately, I never planned to act on it and would never do that if I had the chance, I thought of it in a sense that if I i did it and there would be no punishment would I do it like a fictional situation based on a tv show I was watching and I feel like it manifested into a sin. I felt more as it was an intellectual concept of me putting myself in the shoes of a character of this , but at the end of the day I thought this was wrong. Would this qualify as a sin

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It is said in Matthew 5:28 that even lustful thoughts are adultery of the heart so yes you have sinned in your heart, but not very gravely so. I for one tend to lose my temper, it’s my fatal flaw, I’ve gotten better but I still crack every once and a while. Just repent and confess youre fine. And it’s actually a sign of your good self restraint to not have cracked and hit him.

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It’s normal to have a momentary angry or violent thought that we don’t act upon. It’s part of human emotions and our animal nature.

If you dismiss the thought quickly from your mind and don’t dwell on it, then it’s most likely not a sin. If you are concerned about the thought, you could mention it to your confessor.

The “Lustful thoughts” mentioned in Scripture are intended to refer to someone dwelling on the lustful thought and basically having a fantasy about a woman without doing a sexual act. It does not refer to a passing or fleeting thought that the thinker quickly puts out of his mind. It is likely impossible for us to completely avoid such fleeting thoughts because they are triggered by our emotions, but we should recognize when we’re having a bad thought in passing and get rid of the thought before it escalates to the level of an enjoyable fantasy.

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