Help with using the one-volume breviary

I use the one-volume breviary (“Christian Prayer”) to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. It has the psalmody and biblical & non-biblical readings for the Office of Readings but I cannot find the responsories for each of the readings nor the concluding prayer for the Office of Readings. Do you know what I may use in the breviary for this? Thank you.

Does this help you?

I’ve read good things about a book called “Divine Office for Dodos”.

Doesn’t the one volume only contain morning prayer and evening prayer? The Office of Readings isn’t in the one volume book.

You are thinking of “Shorter Christian Prayer”. I have the one-volume breviary and it does indeed have the Office of Readings as well as Daytime Prayer. However I could not find the responsories nor the concluding prayer for the Office of Readings. I was wondering if they are in there or of I need to subsitute them.

Christian Prayer isn’t really the best edition for the Office of Readings. One issue is what you already mentioned: the responsories are missing. That and that only a sample of readings are offered. To pray the Office of Readings properly, you really need to four-volume edition.

But that said: the Concluding Prayer:

  1. Is the same for Morning and Evening Prayer for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter; and for the celebrations of the saints, and feasts and solemnities of the Lord.
  2. Is the same as that of the preceding Sunday during weekdays of Ordinary Time.

Okay thank you. Maybe one of these days (assuming the calendar doesn’t change) I’ll buy them.

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