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I am not sure wear this belongs or the question I am trying to ask. BUt if anyone can offer books to read or give advice or CHurch knowledgs I would greatly appreciate it.

I have found posts on this site, other websites on the internet stating that the post Vatican II CHurch is not the true CHurch. It states teh Pope John Paul II was in error in some of his involvment with VII documents. THe church has gone to liberal, the changes to the Mass make them invalid. I could go on and on. I am trying to find CHurch teaching on this as to what is true or false. I am a cradle Catholic, I love the Church and I want to defend her, but sometimes there are topics I just do not have the answers for… yet. Can anyone help with this issue???

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This is hogwash.

I think there is a book called “More Catholic than the Pope” by Our Sunday Press that refutes these people.

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Hi J,

You should first of all get the truth from the horse’s mouth : the council itself. Read its documents. They are not difficult and not that long.



Wow those were very quick responses!! Thanks for the information. I will have to read the book and read the actual documents.
I am young (28) but sometimes I feel that the reverence at Mass has disappeared. Whe I served we still chimed the bells at the consecration of the hosts. Now it is rarely done. Benedictions are rare. I miss those… sorry if I am rambling!!

Again thanks for you help!!!

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:thumbsup: Good luck!

You sound like someone who would enjoy the Tridentine Mass. Now thanks to the Pope’s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, it’s more available. Take a look here to see if one is near you

Avoid the SSPX (Society of St. Pius X), for they are questionable in terms of their allegiance to the Church. The FSSP and Institutie of Christ the King are fine.


My experience and research indicates that the true intent of VII was hijacked by liberal forces. What is lost is the sacredness in the liturgy that we once took for granted. For me, most difficult is the horrible music and some personal abuses insisted on by individual pastors, like changing words of the Mass or risen Jesus crosses instead of crucifixes.

You would enjoy as I do the old Latin Mass but not necessarily as a staple. You can find the new Mass said in a sacred way with proper music (or none at all) but need to look. It’s worth it. If you live in the Chicago area try St. Thomas More, St. John Cantius, the Chapel at Oak Forest Hospital, Franciscan Shrine in Munster, Ind and most very ethnic based parishes. Maybe others can suggest a few more places.


VatII was an extremely important, timely, and beneficial council. It will take decades or even centuries to understand it correctly and implement it’s aims according to the Holy Spirit’s intentions. One good place to start, I believe is with a CD offered by Catholic Answers called “Vatican II, The Real Story”.


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