Help with Wedding Propers

I need help with the music for my up-coming wedding. I want to use the propers for a nuptial mass and I have found some resources for that the Musica Sacra, but the choir that I’m working with has a few hang ups. First they can’t read numes, second they aren’t accustomed to singing in Latin and I’m pushing my luck with what I’ve got as is.

In short I need the Introit, Alleluia, Offertory, and Communion propers in modern notation and translated in English. Also the Gradual in latin or english with modern notation.

The break down looks like this:

[LIST]*]Priest: Deus in Loco (English)
*]Bridal Party: Canon of Praise
*]Bride: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Kyrie VIII (Greek)

Gloria VIII (Latin)

Gradual: Uxor Tua (Latin or English)

Alleluia: Mittat Vobis (English)

Offertory: Immittet Angelus (English)

Sanctus VIII (Latin)

[LIST]*]Primum Quaerite (English)
*]Panis Angelicus (Latin/English)
*]Ave Verum Corpus (Latin/English)

So these are basically the propers with some added pieces. If I have any of these wrong, any correction would be helpful. I’m a fan of good liturgy, but I’m not very good at planning it and the music director I’m working with has different tastes.

You and I are in the same boat. My cousin has agreed to letting me plan her wedding Mass. We have agreed to Jesu, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring and that the parts of the Mass need to be sung, including the Responsorial Psalm. I noticed that you did not include the Responsorial Psalm in your repertoire. That should be sung.

The only hang-up is that my aunt wants the Ave Maria at the offertory, while I suggested that it should be done after Communion when my cousin offers her bouquet to the Blessed Mother.

For Communion, it will either be the Panis Angelicus or the Ave Verum.

Recessional, I am suggesting Sing with All the Saints in Glory. I think she is fine with that.

The readings are coming from the Song of Songs, Corinthians and the Wedding at Cana Gospel account (my suggestion, which she also agreed to have done). Luckily, my PV is the celebrant. Incidentally, he likes to process in after the bride and her parents. He does not like the style show appearance. It also helps move things along.

The Gradual subsitutes for the Responsorial Psalm. This was merely a matter of taste, we found it to be more formal.

Sorry. I didn’t catch that one. I am just getting over a migraine. :o

I did insist on no Mass of Creation. It’s either going to be the Proulx Community Mass setting or the simple chants, but, no Haugen! My cousin also agreed to that. :thumbsup:

No worries. I had the same feeling about the mass of creation setting. I knew I was in for an uphill battle when I said I wanted the Propers for the mass and the director (directrix? It was a She after all) looked at me with a blank stare.

At least she was more amiable about Latin than the priest was. I think he’s allergic to it. The few times I’ve heard him speak it, it sounded like his tongue swelled up on him. :stuck_out_tongue: He’s a good man, just not on the same page as me. I told him I wouldn’t require any Latin from him and he took that better.

Not sure where in Texas you are, but…Holy Rosary Church in Houston near downtown has a men’s choir that does Gregorian Chant for the Novo Ordus (sp) mass at 9:30 am on sundays. the leader has an incredible voice and reallly understands that latin and where to do the parts correctly. It might be worth a call to try to speak with him. If you are anywhere close to Houston, he might be able to do your wedding?

I know of Holy Rosary, but I’m getting married in my fiancee’s home town in Louisiana. If it were at my parish it wouldn’t be an issue.

Ah the things we do for love, and for tradition…

…and in order to have the in-laws pay for the wedding.

I don’t know if you have looked at or would consider the Rossini propers, but I know the PDF resides on The gradual is in there in Latin, a bit simplistic, but in modern notation:

Everything else I have is in numes.

God-willing, I’ll be going through this myself in another year or so…luckily, I’m in a schola here in San Diego willing to sing all the propers in Latin :thumbsup:

Good luck!

(tee wonders: Why are you working with a choir that does not/cannot meet your expectations? :shrug: )


Have you considered using Propers from the Simple Gradual instead of the Roman Gradual, or is that something you’ve ruled out? Those settings are more easily available in English and modern notations.

By Flowing Waters is a translation of the Simple Gradual into English with modern notation.

The Wedding Chants in English from the Simple Gradual (By Flowing Waters) can be seen at this link:
Wedding chants in Simple Gradual.pdf.

You may also find the following link helpful:
Alleluia verses for nuptial Masses (Ordinary Form)

You can see and listen to an example here:
Alleluia: Mittat vobis (English adaptation)


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