OK… So today I committed the unpardonable sin… I mistook something a co-worker said to mean that he was aware of a problem and I discussed it with him… turns out he didn’t know and the co-worker I have had problems in the past with was asked about it by the other co-worker. She was soooo mad and followed me out of the building at lunch and demanded to know how he heard about it… so I told her I thought he knew about it because of something he said… she got this look on her face and said… the boss is going to be MAD! The look meant to me that she is going to email him as soon as I left for lunch. After I came back from lunch she has been quiet as heck… which means she did tell him. I am pretty sure I am fired when the boss gets back… his flight is delayed so we aren’t sure exactly when he will be back…but thankfully it won’t be during the workday it will be tonight. Prayers would be most welcome… Please!

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.

Prayers Blest.

Office politics are just awful.:mad:

Prayers going your way Blest.

Brenda V.

Not to pry, but can you be a little more detailed? Was this a personal dispute between you and this other female co-worker? Was it about conduct at work? Did you break a business confidence or accidentally violate business ethics? I guess what I am asking is why would you be fired?

But what is happening, you can be assured of my prayers for you. :console:

Sames thoughts/questions as rpp, Blest…in the meantime…I’m praying for you!

Blest, with all the problems you’ve posted about at this job, most of it snarky stuff like this, I’ll be praying that you find a better job! One where you can do your job and not worry about all these petty little office politics. God bless you!

Like a PP said, office politics are awful! I will offer my Rosary tonight for you. :gopray:

Keep us posted!

OK here is the detailed version.

My boss co-owns the company I work for. This other guy is the “silent, yet not so silent” partner. His son is the male co-worker in the top post. The female is the office manager and she and I have had constant problems because we are total opposites. She told me about a problem concerning the company that is co-owned… I thought the partners son knew about it because of something he said so I discussed “the problem” with him just to find out that he was furious he hadn’t heard this problem before now. The office manager walked in from lunch and he asked her about it (incidentally, she is the one who told me about the problem and it concerns money) so since she does the bill paying he asked her because she would know more than me. She followed me out to my car as I was going to lunch and demanded to know how he found out. I told her that he said something and I thought he knew so I said something about it…so she got the look on her face and said about the boss was gonna be mad… so I went to lunch and called dh and told him. He said not to sweat it… if they fire me they don’t have grounds and what boss is doing by keeping the info from the partner is immoral and illegal. So when I came back to lunch she didn’t say a word to me, thus confirming that she emailed the boss and told him I screwed up. After she left for the day I looked at the son of the partner and said, “I am so fired!” He said “what over telling me what I had every right to know?” I said, “Yep” He told me he would make sure his dad wouldn’t allow it and he can’t because it is illegal to fire me for that. I know he is going to try to fire me… his plane will be on the ground in a half hour… I am dreading the call…

Call your boss. Be proactive, do not wait for him to read the email and react.

DH really wants me to file a wrongful termination suit if he does fire me… this will be the second time this year he fires me without cause… first time he cooled down and “unfired” me. Last time it was about the office manager complaining about me saying something too… she really just likes to start trouble… and thinking on it… she shouldn’t have been discussing money stuff with me since it has nothing to do with my job…

Holy Spirit please inspire the boss not to fire our friend for her mistake. Let the son intercede for her.
Blest One, Pope John 23rd used to send his angel ahead to negociate beforehand with someone if there was a difficulty. Maybe you could ask your angel to do this.

Bless you, Trishie

He so totally believes the spin she puts on things… last time he literally told me I had to kiss her a** and be nice to her no matter what she does. She is suspicious of everything I do and I am sure it has affected his idea of who I am…

I think I vaguely recall you posting about that. I believe some people suggested then to start looking for another job. Only you can know if the stress and pressure this places on you is good for your faith, your health, your marriage, or your children.

We call care for you here, blest. We all pray that what happens here will be what you need. But I am thinking that no matter what the outcome here is, I would hope you would consider looking for another job.

I have an offer but I would lose medical insurance, car and cell phone… I could do without all but the insurance.

Oh Blest–I hope things work out for you! I pray that you can keep your job, but I’d start circulating your resume asap…this places sounds like a lot of unnecessary drama. Prayers are going out to you. :gopray:

If anything, SHE (the office) manager should be the one in trouble for with-holding information from the other partner. Especially when it comes down to money. It almost sounds like she was setting you up - telling you about the $$ problems with the other company despite your position having nothing to do with it.

Still praying for you Blest. This is really a crummy situation.

yeah well the boss thinks she walks on water because she does the quickbooks for 20 companies… whoop ding… the most employees total is like 30… in all those companies. Most of the companies are partnerships with other companies and she doesn’t do anything but transfer money from one to the other or from investments. Even at that, she does alot wrong and then convinces the boss that the other party was wrong… like the bank… one of my best friends is the president of a bank that she screwed up with and she convinced the boss that it was their error and he withdrew all his money from those accounts and switched banks… and the boss and the president were close too until that happened.

Ick. I despise office politics even more than I despise fake Christians. I will pray for you. :mad:

Aw Blest, praying for you!

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