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My name is Connor I am 15. I was born and baptized a catholic. But when I was 5 my Parents decide to leave the catholic church. I have had my “first communion” and been “confirmed” in a Lutheran church. In may of this year i felt a call back to The Church, my parents we upset and think that I am taking a step back. But I have prayed and researched it a whole lot and now matter how much I pray and do some research I come back to the conclusion that becoming a Catholic is what God is wanting me to do. They did let me enroll in the RCIA classes, pretty reluctantly though, and are not sure about if I should receive sacraments, how far I should go into the classes, and etc. My dad keep lowering the bar for how far I could take my faith. For example he said no matter what we will worship as a family and one sunday i went to a 7:30 mass with my friend and a 10:00 service with my dad. I showed him i could do both, then he said you cannot serve two master and that I cant go to mass with my friend anymore. I love both of my parents very much. I want to obey them but God is telling me something else. Is it a sin to go against them in order to do what God tells me?


I’m so sorry you’re in a tough situation. :frowning:
It is important to “honor your parents” while you are under their care, so I’d just continue to pray and take things one day at a time. Continue to go to RCIA (if you can) to become educated in the faith and pray, pray, pray for your parents to open their hearts to your conversion. 3 years (until you’re 18) is not a long time in the larger view.

God bless you through your struggles - be a good son and love your parents, but pray for their hearts to soften and be open to you attending Mass also.
You’ll be in my prayers.


Thank you very much!:slight_smile:



God bless you for making this discernment at your age and in difficult circumstances no less! While I can’t recommend going against your parents, I can say don’t be afraid of the time you need to spend being obiedient to them as if this will deter you - God would not have planted this in your heart if it were not attainable, though it may take time as your parents are not on board.

You can still continue, (as I presume you are) researching on this website - the live/downloadable radio shows are great and can be of comfort to you as you make this journey - don’t be afraid to call in if you have questions or need prayers. You can also read the many great works by the Saints - The Confessions by St. Augustine is one of my favorites (his longing for the Truth was something we can all relate to and find courage in, especially amidst the journey). Just keep doing what you can with what you have - continually discerning God’s will and you can’t go wrong. Remember: Nobody loses their faith, they must give it up - so don’t be afraid of the interim time you must spend in obedience to your parents, the Holy Spirit won’t leave your side. Three years of listening to CAL and reading the Catechism, and good Catholic works = RCIA will be a breeze by the time you are on you own, you will probably be able to answer questions at that point ;).

Here is a website that may be of some help: (profound commercials/testomonies)


Connor, you sound like a very intelligent young man. I echo what the others have said. Use this three years as a time to study Catholicism more deeply. I have known more than one Lutheran who was more Catholic than Lutheran. (And more Lutherans statistically believe in the Real Presence than Catholics.) Hold onto what is true and keep showing your parents respect. God knows your heart and He knows what you want. Be subject to your parents for a little while longer, as Christ was subject to His parents. Your humble obedience to your parents during this time may be what eventually leads them home to the Catholic Church too. God bless you. :thumbsup:


I’d state your case to your dad.

“Dad you were catholic once and you realized you wanted to be Lutheran. I need you to let me pursue this. I need to know what it is like to be Catholic and live it for a while. In a year or two I’ll take a serious look at what I believe, but just let me try this for now.”

If he wants Sundays then there’s always the mass on Saturday nights. Be obedient, God loves that far more than you can know.



I agree with what everyone has said, and well I don’t want to recommend going against what your parents have said - if they are allowing you to attend RCIA classes, and are allowing you to do research on line would they be open to allowing you to watch Mass (either on TV or over the internet) on a day other then Sunday. I know its not the same as attending but it may be your best option now. Also you can find the Sunday and weekday readings on line, consider reading those bible passages at home along with the Church.

God bless you and your family will be in my prayers,


I’d try to find a adult that your parents respect (if some of your extended family is Catholic that would be a great place to look) and get them to argue your side for you. Pray for your parent’s and keep buggin’ em about it. I think this ‘serving two masters’ thing is a little bit ridiculous too.:clapping:


Once again that you all very much! :slight_smile:


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