Okay so I need help desperately with this and it’s driving me full of guilt and sadness. I am a teenager and a dedicated Catholic boy who enjoys his religion and goes to confession whenever I sin and stay faithful as I can to my faith.

The thing that is seriously annoying me is that I have been having a few Wet Dreams and I’m absolutely struck with guild and quite fed up with this. They happen out of the blue out of nowhere and I don’t know what to do as it happens sometimes in a row and sometimes for longer than 4 weeks. I hate it as even though its not a sin as you can’t sin in sleep I get annoyed as I never want to dream like this neither have to be constantly guilty with this sin. I pray the rosary every night, pray to Augustine for protection against temptation but sometimes it does not always prevail. Is there any other suggestions or help to reduce it happening as I also make sure I sleep on a way that doesn’t trigger it. Please help.

God help us all! Where is appropriate education when you need it. You should have been instructed that sperm production in young males require expulsion to maintain the health of the reproductive system. Wet dreams are merely nature’s (read God) way to expel this sperm regularly. You are no more responsible for a dream as you are for thoughts whilst in a coma. You are not sinning as you are not morally responsible for what you cannot control.
Don’t worry wet dreams are natural and not morally wrong. Sex is a mental action and thus the need for mental co operation in the physical expulsion of unused sperm.

Thanks for the description! Really helps and God bless :smiley:

You recognize that you cannot sin in your sleep. The dreams are unwanted and not chosen. There is no need to feel guitly. If they evoke certain thoughts, images, or emotions in your waking hours, simply turn your attention to other things.

When you’re not a teenager anymore, these dreams will be less frequent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Joe for the information, I think if I spend less time thinking about the dreams and focus on more positive stuff in my life, the dreams will eventually go away like you said. :slight_smile:

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