My brother has just told me some terrifying news…he said when he was 13 he sexually touched our little sister when she was 7. I love my brother and this doesn’t change anything because he is truly sorry and he’s going to confession in a couple days. but he wants to know how to confess it (he’s given me permission to post this so he can get a better answer). so would he need to confess the sin of impure touching? the sin of pedophilia? he said she was asleep when it happened and she never woke up so does that make a difference?

He should say exactly that…he touched her when she was sleeping and anything else he might have done. Sorry but I would be very suprised if that was all he did. Impure touching implies that both sides consented when they did NOT! I’d also be surprised if she was actually sleeping and did not wake up…sometimes you do what you have to in the moment because you are fearful of your abuser…I know from experience.

I pray that he truly confesses all of it and is reconciled with God!

thank you for your help. he still stands by what he said but I will leave the rest to him and God.

I would tell him to be as forthcoming as possible in confession…trust me he does NOT want this brought up on his judgement day…or pieces he left out in confession brought up. He truly wants the whole thing erased!

I know all too well the pain it causes the abused…and I shudder to think what it will be for my abuser if he never reconciles it to God.

One other concern is if this was just an isolated incident or if he has continued to have feelings like this towards young people.

If it’s an isolated incident, it’s one thing. If it’s a pattern, then it’s a lot deeper, and he’d need to also get help.

Question answered. Thread closed.

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