off topic, but if I delete my account will it delete my post topics? out it’s there a way to delete an old post? it’s locked now. I was going though some stiff before and posted personal stuff on here under my real name.

I need to either, delete a locked post, change my user name, or delete my entire account, I’d it’ll delete my posts with it.

I have tried contacting admins for a couple weeks now, with no response. I really need that post to be gone.

Hi Casidy, accounts cannot usually be deleted, although individual posts can be deleted.
If you do not hear from one of our busy moderators, perhaps you would be best to abandon this account and begin a new account. That is possible unless a member has been banned. However, a moderator may yet respond to your request.

God bless you,

I would do that, but this account has my name on it, can I change my user name? I did try and delete the post, but it wasn’t an option since it has been locked. it’s a couple years old, but when I search for my name on Google that post comes up.

We can’t change our user names unfortunately.
Did you include the link to your post in your request?

Have you tried contacting Forum Admin and explained your concern?

no I haven’t tried that. I will do that, thank you.

okay, so I sent the admin a message with the link, hopefully they will delete that post. or worst case scenario I could ask them to ban me?

Banning you won’t delete your account or your posts.

Forum Rules.

WARNING: CAF cannot delete accounts. Forums sites, unlike social networking platforms, are open to Internet archiving by the various independent search engines, and members are responsible for understanding that and taking it into consideration before registering with our site.


All messages you post will include your "user name." **We recommend that you use a nickname or pseudonym, and not your real name.**
If you choose to use a handle, it may not be the name of another living person or a name likely to be confused with that of a living person.
If you register using a real name other than your own, or if the user name you choose contains offensive or misleading elements, your account will be canceled and you will be banned from future participation at this site.

The problem – and this is true of anything on the Internet, not just here – is that even if you delete the message here it will still be archived in Google, the Internet Archive, and other sources. Be very careful when posting personal information. It has the potential to stay around just about forever.

I understand that now, I was having extreme emotional issues back at the time the post was made, abd just needed someone to talk to, but I shared too much.

I still haven’t received a response from admins about this subject. :’(

As I have posted, I don’t know that there is a solution to your problem.

you would think they would respond and let me know one way or another though.

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