what are the arguments for the existance of God? I am teaching a class and want to make sure… THANKS

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[quote=Fashina86]what are the arguments for the existance of God? I am teaching a class and want to make sure… THANKS

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Here you go!


The power of faith is enormous. It is so great that it not only saves the believer: thanks to one person’s faith others are saved also.

The paralytic at Capernaum did not have faith. But the men who brought him to Jesus and let him down through the roof had it. The soul of the sick man was ill as well as his body. That is made clear in the Gospel: ‘And when Jesus saw their faith he said……”Rise, take up your pallet and go home.”’ The Gospel does not speak of ‘his’ faith but of ‘their’ faith. The stretcher-bearers believed and the paralytic had the benefit of being healed because of it. (Mark 2:1-11)

Then there is the death of Lazarus. Four days had passed. His body was already decomposing. How could one who had been dead for so many days believe and himself ask for the Deliverer? He could not possibly do so, but his sisters provided the faith for him. When they met the Lord, one sister fell down at his feet. He asked, ‘Where have you laid him?’ The other sister said, ‘Lord, by this time there will be a bad smell.’ Then the Lord said, ‘If you believe you will see the glory of God.’ As if to say, ‘As regards faith, you must take the place of the dead man.’ And the faith of the sisters succeeded in calling Lazarus back from the hereafter. (John 11:1-44)

So if these two women by believing in place of the other were able to secure his resurrection, how much more certainly will you be able to secure it for yourself by your own faith?

Perhaps your own faith is feeble. Nevertheless, the Lord who is love will stoop down to you, provided only you are penitent and can say sincerely from the depths of your soul: ‘Lord, I believe. Help thou mine unbelief.’ (Mark 9:23)

Cyril of Jerusalem

For thousands and thousands of years the earth has been ploughed and sown, human beings have trampled it and excavated it for minerals, the rain has beaten on it, the snow has covered it, the sun has scorched it. And yet the earth has remained such as it is, and its fruits have remained the same too.

Nor has the sea changed by growing either smaller or large, despite its water evaporating and them falling again as rain, despite the rivers opening into it from every direction.

It is the same with the air. It is not used up, although so many human beings and animals are continually breathing it, despite all the light and heat that are always permeating it.

The fact is that God is at work in the world, the same God who infuses into creation the energy needed for it to continue stable throughout all time.

To God then let us raise a hymn of praise with all our strength. Let us glorify God who made the world and governs it without ceasing.

And through the things that are seen let us be led towards the things that are not seen. To do this there is no need to travel. Only faith is needed, because only through faith can we see him.

Theodoret (394-460) From the cure of Pagan Diseases

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