If I’m scrupulous and decide to go to receive Communion, do I offended God if maybe I shouldn’t have gone? I am going through depression and anxiety and it is hard enough to get myself motivated to go to church. It is all such a torment. I cry in mass and I know people think I’m crazy.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink but I had two large drinks that didn’t get me drunk, but just a little giddy. I am probably going to confession.

I am sorry you are going through some challenges, I will certainly pray for you to find peace.

I really recommend speaking to a priest or spiritual advisor about this. Some key reasons are because we cannot tell you whether or not you should have received communion. We don’t know your conscience. Also, they can help you with being scrupulous when doing you examination of conscience. Finally, your comment about alcohol seems strange to me and makes me wonder if there is more to the story. You certainly don’t need to defend yourself as it is none of our business, but if alcohol is something you struggle with, I am sure a spiritual director can help you get the appropriate help.

God Bless!

You need to discuss this with a Priest. Praying for you.

Thanks for answering😃 I am just strange altogether and focus on how many drinks I’ve had. I do not want to commit mortal sin. Is that what you meant by strange. If you wonder, no I haven’t been told I’m an alcoholic.

But I went to confession today and the priest embarrassed me. I told him it had just been a week since my last confession. And he sighed and asked what I could have done.:disappointed:. I told him that I am attached to my sin of drinking and I promised to drink less.

I guess I should have just not written anything cuz now I feel foolish.

Don’t feel foolish! I think that a good priest or spiritual director that you trust could help figure some of this stuff out with you.

Also, the priest should NOT have reacted that way. I have been trying to go to confession weekly and I have never received that response. Please don’t let that poor experience ruin the beauty of confession.

Thank Kildarebrigid​:blush: ,you are a kind soul,:rose:

My goodness! A priest should rejoice when people come to confession weekly! That means they are trying to be holy and close to God!!!

SAINT Pope John Paul 2 went to confession weekly!

(Hail Mary… for the priest) Maybe he was having a bad day, or maybe he was not taught well in seminary. Is there a young priest near you? See howxthingsxwork out with him and talk to him about these issues.

As to drinking: doesn’t matter how you feel: alcohol affects your perceptions of reality, remember? And slows down reaction times. Look into what amount of alcohol it takes for you to be legally UTI and don’t drink if you have gone over that amount!

Let’s give his confessor the benefit of the doubt. Likely he knows quite a bit about the OP’s scruples. We don’t. He may be frustrated with this person.
Op, follow your regular confessors advice to the letter, and seek help yourself for your attachment to alcohol.

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