I need help so badly … I am losing the meaning of life … there is so much pain and suffering and sorrow in my world and in the world around me … why? Does anybody have any practical answers other than it’s “original sin”.

I’d like some proof of something but then I think that even proof might be an allusion!

Does anybody know what I mean?

I think I am overcoming my father death and passing back into severe depression … please respond soon and without rebuke …


I am concluding that my natural state is one that longs for death to my situation and the few moments when I am happy, are only like I person who has fallen asleep or passed out and once well enough must return to suffering…

Why does it seem that the evil one is so loud and present in the world and Jesus is so subtle?

How do we know that wonderful people like Padre Pio or mystics really were real and not explainable merely by science …

Someone please hurry, I’m shattered …

If the Holy Spirit is the comforter, why do I feel no comfort?


Terry –

You are in my prayers. I, too, am going through a very difficult time with many hardships and suffering. Just know that God does not enjoy our suffering, but He can use it for good if we offer it to Him.

Despair is one of our spiritual enemy’s favorite tricks. Try repeating “Jesus, I trust in You… Jesus, I trust in You… Jesus, I trust in You.” It helps me.

It has also helped me to read Scripture, listen to sacred music, pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Even when you have a hard time feeling that God is near, He is, and He longs to comfort us!


  1. Death is never easy to anyone - and even more so of loosing a Father. I too miss my Mother who passed away 4 years ago. Please visit my blog - But even with a “Big Loss”, there is much to give in Life.

  2. Feelings make us human. The feelings of Joy and Pain are integral to our humanity - embodied spirits. But do not forget that your “Big Loss” (with the death of your Father) is likewise coupled with your Father’s “Big Gain” - IF you really do believe in Heaven whose doors are opened only thru death. By offering your Pain-of-Loss (with your Father’s Death) in the Altar-of-our-Lord, our Catholic Church makes us believe that Death does have a salvific meaning. If your Father did mirror the goodness of God during his lifetime here on Earth, you must then believe that your Father must be in Heaven! Consider that you now have your Father as your very own Saint-in-Heaven!

  3. Why worry then? Why should Life mean less now without your Father here on Earth - but with him as your Saint-in-Heaven? With Christ as our Model, our respective Life means more only in the service of others - NOT self. Thank God for giving us Life -and getting it back in Death. God wants us to be with HIM in Heaven - sooner than others.

Dear Terry,
I can understand how you feel.Rather than saying abou the situation of death and suffering is much worse is being in the midst of it.but it all began when people began to think that people could judge what is right and wrong when same like adam people chose for the tree that gives the knowledge of right and wrong rather than the tree of life.
But glad to say people are recognising it.Just as in the bible says that where sin increased grace increased much more.More and more people are receiving that grace whatever religion it may be.i have summarised it in my blog so that you have a better view of things,"The Roads Not Taken…"
I have put it up seeing all the negativity in the’s just to show how much more life can be found in this world.

My prayers with you
Be calm and know that he is god.
Rijo John.

I have been a Catholic since my birth / baptism but all that I know, I feel, is now being tested.

Are there historical facts of Jesus’ existence … government records etc. secular historians …

I think I have to go back to the beginning in order to figure out the ending.


[quote=Didi]Terry –

Despair is one of our spiritual enemy’s favorite tricks. Try repeating “Jesus, I trust in You… Jesus, I trust in You… Jesus, I trust in You.” It helps me.


I too found this also to be one way to get past my emotional pain. Sometimes it’s all I could say - no prayers, just that. The more I said it, the more my mind would believe it.

You may find that several visits to the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration may help give you peace and quiet in your heart and mind.

Jesus wants us to bring our pain and trials to Him. Lay your trials at the foot of the cross. Quite literally. Go to church and look at the cross and give your problems to Jesus. He is waiting for you to turn all control over to Him and rest.

I will keep you in prayer for peace.

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