ok…so, i need people’s input. i have a very angry friend. she has been quoted to say, "i am a very angry person and i hate just about everyone"
she claims to believe in God. :rolleyes:
but is extremely vulgar, angry, hateful. she seems to hate Christianity in general. especially hates the Catholic church.
i act nothing but nice to her and try to show love as an example when around her. (even when she takes jabs at the church) :mad:
how can i plant a seed. how can i show her Jesus’s love and peace.
every little action from other people angers her, example: old people that drive too slow. her reply is “i hate old people” "i like to curse them as i drive by"
so it’s very much like walking on egg shells.
she’s just so angry and nasty, but i don’t want to give up on her.
it makes me sad. :frowning:
how can i help this person. i know a few people like this. i pray for them every day. what else can i do??


Have you ever responded to her hateful remarks?

I know it’s probably hard to refute someone who’s so harsh (I’m not sure I could do it in every situation)… but using your example…

example: old people that drive too slow. her reply is “i hate old people” “i like to curse them as i drive by”

Have you ever responded?
What about something like “How do you know she’s not on her way to the hospital to visit her dying husband?”

Something like that may spark a conversation to bring out a bit of sympathy in her heart for others.


Keep leading by example and praying for her. Someone that “angry” may be reaching out for help and/or attention.

If you have the chance to pray before the Blessed Sacrement (Adoration), it will work wonders, especially if you can make a visit on a regular basis.


i honesty didn’t know how to respond to her comment. it was spoken in more of a group enviroment. (4 of us) i guess i’m hesitant to engage too much because it could be taken like i’m trying to argue. i pretty much just ignored the comment. but, i really like your idea. sparking sympathy in the heart can be a great first step! thanks.


thanks. i think you’re definitely right. i think it may very well be insecurity and some sort of false sense of approval that she may have gotten in the past from other peers. you know, “looking cool” or “tough” there is definitely an internal issue. just not sure what’s at the core. or how to help her to let it go. she needs Jesus! i will continue to pray for this poor girl.


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