Helpful Articles on the Abuse Scandals

I’ve gotten several phone calls and emails about the latest media coverage of the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church. I have to imagine that many of you have as well, or perhaps people are wondering but haven’t said anything to you - yet. I thought it might be helpful to have some articles readily on hand to help keep matters in perspective and also to help get some of the facts straight.

There’s no question that what the Holy Father has condemned as “filth” has existed and continues to exist to some extent in the Church. There is also no question that the Church has been taking and continues to take increasingly strong action in ridding the Church of this disturbing filth. I pray that process continues to a successful conclusion and it seems clear that the Holy Father is firmly dedicated to accomplishing that task.

However, it also seems clear that those with other agendas are using this as an opportunity to paint a distorted image of the Church. There seems to be to be a clear double standard at work. As such, it may be helpful to see some of the articles and statements by responsible Catholics that you are not likely to see in the NY Times. If any of you have more articles, by all means, please pass them along here. The interest is not in white-washing, of course, but in coming to a fair and accurate understanding and representation of the situation.

As we approach the time of the betrayal of our Lord in the Garden of Gethsamane* by one of his own choosing*, we continue to witness the deeply disturbing and heart-breaking effects of the betrayal of Christ’s Body (the Church) by some of those wearing the collar and even the mitre. But thanks to the promises of our Lord, we can be certain that this too shall pass - the gates of Hell will never prevail against His Church. (Matt. 16:18)

When the Lord begins a cleansing, He begins with his own house (cf. 1 Pet 4:15-19). Thankfully, that cleansing seems to be well under way.

I hope you find these articles of some use. Again, please pass along any other helpful articles/commentaries that you have encountered.

Have a blessed Holy Week and please join me in praying for those who have been abused and for all the holy and faithful priests and bishops of the Church as they weather this storm.

Responses to and Commentaries upon the Sexual Abuse Scandals in the Catholic Church

Cardinal Ratzinger an Evil Monster?
By Jimmy Akin

Sex Abuse by Teachers Said Worse Than Catholic Church
Jon E. Dougherty, Newsmax
Monday, Apr. 05, 2004

Special Report 
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Setting the record straight in the case of abusive Milwaukee priest Father Lawrence Murphy

It’s wrong to point finger at Pope in sex abuse scandals
By Bishop Fred Henry, For The Calgary Herald

Scoundrel Time(s)
By George Weigel

What about the sexual abuse cases in the priesthood?
By David MacDonald

The Pope and the Murphy case: what the New York Times story didn’t tell you
By Phil Lawler

The trail that doesn’t lead to the Vatican
By Phil Lawler

Maybe the Irish bishops ‘get it’
By Phil Lawler

A Response to Christopher Hitchens’ The Great Catholic Coverup (full version with references)

In defense of the Catholic clergy or do we want another reign of terror?

By the Catholic League

The Myth of the Pedophile Priest
by Philip Jenkins

The Myth of Pedophile Priests
by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

The Benedict Blog
Various articles about Pope Benedict and the scandals

The Benedict Blog
Articles specifically the “Fr. Murphy case”

Thanks so much for posting these. I only read a few, but they were very good.

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You’re welcome. Here’s another from the US bishops:

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