Helpful Chart of Church History

You can make it larger by clicking on it and then using the normal expansion process.

PS Yes…I know it is simply one perspective. RCC would draw it another way and the Anglicans would make ourselves one of the three main branches of Christianity (just as we are numerically).

Rev North

I think this ones a bit more accurate :wink:

I’ve said this in another of your threads:

What the heck?! That site says there are “between 30-410 Roman Catholic denominations and between 41-1302 Orthodox denominations?!” :eek:


I guess the author is another anti-Catholic who bashes his idea of the Catholic Church, instead of trying to learn what the Catholic Church really is.


There is no doubt this site does not believe either the EO or the RCC are correct. Some of the other info is interesting with discernment.

Rev North

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