helping a friend...what do you think?

Hello everyone. I am needing some advice for a friend. She is my best friend, and although she’s a Christian, she doesn’t always live her faith. she supports some things, such as pornography and homosexuality, and I’m always looking for ways to show her the way.

Since we were kids, out favorite hobby has been to write stories together. Several years back when i was not living my faith, these stories were sometimes sexual in nature, or supporting things I no longer support. When I told my friend of my newfound faith and that I no longer wished to include such graphic scenes in our stories, she was fine with that and very supportive.

Since then, I have encouraged her to focus on better things to do with out characters. we write more mysteries, tradgedies, comedies, while still keeping them around. We have hundreds of characters, from actors to authors, angels, priests, prostitues, demons, witches, foster parents, doctors, homosexuals, chaste singles, talking pandas and everything in between. She loves our new stories, and I’m so glad to see her realizing how entertaining her favorite characters can be without focusing on their love lives. a few scenes have even gotten her to ask questions about my faith!

I am very careful to not tread into territory I feel is personally not ok (I follow The Decent Films guide approach) however, I do worry on occasion…should I be concerned about possibly being an occasion of sin to her? for example, what if a non sexual story about A and B reminds her of a past sexual one, and inspires lustful thoughts, or one of our characters actions inspires her to continue supporting things she supports but I don’t? am I responsible for that, or am I doing what I can by avoiding graphic and sexual content?

It sounds to me like you’re doing a wonderful job. What a creative idea! It can be very hard to reach out to friends without sounding harsh or critical, but this seems nice.

As for your worries, I don’t think you should invest too much energy in them. You’ve already taken steps to filter your words; what she does with an otherwise ok scenario is not your fault, I shouldn’t think.

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