Helping carry the Veneration Cross for Good Friday

For the past two years I have been asked to help assist the priests and other lay people in carrying the cross for veneration on Good Friday. This year, I was asked again. I feel like it’s a true honor to help carry that cross. It adds more meaning to me to the Paschal Mystery. Now, in past experiences, it gets really hot up there standing for 45 minutes while everyone kisses the cross, and I’m usually the one at the head so I am under the hot lights on the altar. I tend to sweat a lot and I was wondering if anyone knows how I’d keep cool? I have to wear a dress shirt, red, because it matches the cloth placed over the cross while we walk down the isle and the priest stops and goes “This is the wood of the cross…” then he removes one pin from the cross, and then after the second, another, and the third, another, revealing the cross. So, how can I keep cool? I wear a very light shirt, but it seems like I still get a bad sweat and sweat stains, and that’s really embarrassing because everyone sees it. Any specific type of shirt that might refrain me from sweating? Any help is appreciated.

You could try a really strong antiperspirant.

Also, can your shirt be any shade of red? The darker the shirt, the less the stains will show.

A short sleeve, cotton shirt, with no tee shirt might help. If you have to wear a tie, a clip on instead of one that actually ties around your neck will be more comfortable. You should also make sure you drink enough water before you start.

Actually, a tee shirt helps a lot because it creates a barrier between perspiration and the regular shirt. Do wear cotton, though, and a strong antiperspirant.

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