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Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice, and hoping at least a few here have been on one side or another of this. My husband is currently struggling with his faith…not all that interested in prayer together, questioning some Church’s teaching (but not considering leaving the Church) and just going through all-around trial. Strangely I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum right now…loving my faith, realizing the importance of prayer, adoration, and devotion, etc. I’mm looking for ways to encourage him, help him with his walk, and the like without driving him away with my attempts. We are currently in a wonderful couples bible study with some friends that meets once a month (and helps I think) but I want to do more, be more for him.

Any advice (or prayers) would be great: How much is too much, what works what doesn’t, patron saints to pray to, books to read, etc. Sorry if this is confusing :).

God bless,

P.S. Also know that we have a 7.5 mnth old (and my attempts may be a little over the top because I’m very aware of the little soul that we have to guide).


I don’t really have much advice, but wanted you to know that I will be praying for you and your husband.

St. Monica might be a good choice for prayer help. She prayed for years for the conversion of both her son (St. Augustine) and her husband. She did succeed at both before her death.

God bless you both!



Something I did think of after re-reading your post …

You might want to start reading Children’s Bible Stories and Children’s Prayer Books to your son while your husband is in the room. Just being around the wonderful, prayerful time between you and your son might make him want to be a part of it.

Just a thought.



Surround yourselves with devout Catholic friends who will build you up in the faith. Invite some of your friends from the Bible study over for dinner. Ultimately, your good example will be the most influential to him, though. :thumbsup:

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


Thanks for all the advice so far! Keep up the good work :).


Yes, this happens often. Remember, questioning is not eqivalent of doubting. In my opinion, it is more meritorious to question and continue on the journey!


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