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so I had turned down this job, and the lady I interviewed with was very persistent on still having me work. I kind of gave in, and then also I still decided I didn’t want it but then she asked if I wanted to work temp until I find what I am looking for and for her to find someone. Long story short I still didn’t care for the job, but I believe either I offeredd to help out for free or she asked me bc she said they were desperate for some help. So I went in today and worked. She didn’t ask for my social security card or license or to fill out any w-2 forms, so basically she wanted me to work for free which I don’t like. I don’t mind helping someone out but she wants me to come in another day (Friday), and even I think wanted me next week but I told her only is week. I don’t even want to go in on Frdiday and waste my time. Should I just not go or should I let her know? She’s really nice but just kind of so persistent and pushy about it. I referred to girls I know for the job, and one contacted her and she has her resume but she hasn’t even contacted for an interview yet. I am sure she will but I just don’t feel this is my responsibility to help out

Hi Cupcake,

If she was willing to pay you, then it is possible that you are right in thinking that she would have asked you to fill out all of the required tax forms, and other required work-related paperwork.

However, on the other hand, the exception would be if she is expecting you to pay your own taxes, and where she will actually pay you, but at the end of time when you are done working for her.

Some agencies will have you do work for them, but as an “independent contractor,” where you have to pay your own taxes on any money that you earned, and they will send you a Form-1099 at income tax time, in the next tax year.

All you can do is just ask her what she intends doing regarding any pay coming to you, to clarify the situation for you. That is what I would do, if I were in your situation. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what kind of work you are doing, but what if you were to get hurt on the job and you don’t have any way to prove that you were employed by that person: there wouldn’t be any workmen’s compensation, no insurance, no proof for taxes. I think you need to consider this. She does not want to pay you or have you on the books…or it seems that way. :rolleyes:

You don’t seem to know whether you are being offered paid employment? You need to clarify that.

If it’s unpaid, I have no idea why you’d want to do that? There are lots of charities you can volunteer at if you want to help people in real need.

Go in to work for the day you agreed and then tell the person you will not be available to work for her anymore. You have no further obligation to do anything.

You are not obligated to work if you don’t want to. You have not signed a contract.

Be polite. Ring and tell her. If she gets pushy, be firm and then hang up.

Wait…you turned down a job offer for a job you didn’t want, and now you’re doing the job you didn’t want and not even getting paid for it? And you don’t know whether or not you actually agreed to do it?

In complete seriousness, do you suffer from a mental illness or intellectual disability?

How old are you?

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