Helping spouse in spiritual life


So I’ve heard it said that the purpose of marriage is to help your husband and children get to heaven. What all do you do to encourage your spouse to grow in their faith?


I try to get my husband to come to Mass with us. He stopped going the weekend after our older daughter made her first communion back in May. Since I know he’s poorly catechized, I toss out different little tid bits here and there to enlighten him. I converted back in 2000 just before we got married, so I know on some level he doesn’t like that I’m more familiar with our faith than he is. He’s a cradle Catholic. He doesn’t even remember or know many basic prayers that I am teaching our children. So mostly I just try to lead by example and I pray for him [a lot].


I pray for him each day.
I gave him a St. Michael medal that he now wears 24/7
I make sure to never lead him into sin by not using artificial means of birth control, etc.
I try and always have a peaceful household so there is no room for the devil to bring his chaos and confusion.


The best way - is to do it together, the whole family in fact, whatever it is!

Do a bible study together, a catechism course, or do a family consecration. Even the family rosary is a good start. There are several websites with free materials for catechism or consecration; holler if you need help finding.


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