Helping the Children online: Am I Being Scrupulous Again?

So I frequent a particular online video game server, and many hundreds of children under 13 attend the server.
Of course, there are moderators to keep inappropriate (sexual, vulgar, hateful, racist, etc) behavior at bay, however it’s difficult for them to enforce a better environment, so there is a means of reporting them.
I’ve reported several people, as I don’t want any of the children on the site being exposed to this, or at least to mitigate it.
However there were occasions where I’d delay reporting them. I felt at times it would be sinful to not even check if I was playing with anyone in a match acting this way, even if the occurrence of that seemed rare, grave even, heck to me even delaying it could’ve been grave.
Once I delayed checking it for a little bit, the more I write about it the less grave it sounds to me, but I feel the intention to do something grave was still there, but I’m not sure…
I stopped playing for a bit to chill out about it and talk about it here.

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