Henry Olsen: ‘Libertarianism Is a Marxist Heresy’ that Subverts Nations to Market


Henry Olsen: ‘Libertarianism Is a Marxist Heresy’ that Subverts Nations to Market

Robert Kraychik 1 Aug 2018 Breitbart News

Henry Olsen, author of The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism, described the “libertarian ideology” as a “religious faith” that dehumanizes people as commodities.

“You can argue that libertarianism is a Marxist heresy, that where Marx said that the capitalist commodifies everything, the libertarian says, ‘Darn tootin,’” Olsen told Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour on Monday’s Breitbart News Tonight on SiriusXM. . . .

. . . Mansour added, “The idea of the nation-state seems to be lost.”

Olsen credited Trump with connecting to American considerations beyond mere economics: “I think what Trump tracked into was, in part, the fact that average people don’t believe that. They think that being American means more than paying taxes to Washington as opposed to Ottawa. It means more than something that’s abstract. I think it means something real, and that Americans need to care about Americans first.”

Olsen continued, “Part of what What Donald Trump tapped into was the very real sense that left or right — or as Daniel McCarthy called it, ‘different strains of liberal’ — just don’t care about the communities have been gutted and the people whose lives and expectations have been upended by their schemes. One of the things I try to tell people who are opposed to tariffs is, ‘Okay. Maybe you’ve got economic logic on your side. But what are you going to do to help these people?’ And the answer is always silence.” . . .


I could not agree more.

I’ve always thought that both libertarianism and Marxism are grotesquely reductionist, in that they reduce man to nothing more than an economic unit.

They also elevate property (in very different ways - one negative, one positive) to a higher level than man.

Libertarianism’s emphasis on property rights is contrary to Catholic teaching on the universal destination of goods, and Marxism’s call for the abolition of private property is equally contradicted by Catholic teaching.

They’re opposite sides of the same coin.


Inisfallen. I once read a very good Catholic critique on libertarianism.

I wish I had that review today but it has been awhile and I probably couldn’t find it in a search if I had to.

God bless.



Marxism intentionally destroys the family and the result of libertarianism, intentional or not, is the destruction of the family. It’s a match made in hell.


I actually agree with this. I briefly thought libertarianism was the way to go because it’s premise of “the government should be an impartial and hands off referee in its relationship to the people” was attractive. The more I looked at it though the more I realized its view of people and their relationships to each other was very skewed. It really does view people as a primarily economic commodity. Libertarianism destroys the family and man just as Marxism does.


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