We have been married for 5 years and I finally found out that my spouse has hepititus C. When applying for life insurance, he didn’t get approved. He did a blood test. Of course he didn’t tell me this before we were married because he didn’t know having hep c was serious. I think he may have hep A too. I can possibly believe that he didn’t know how serious it was because that was a few years ago when I found out and then his liver doctor explainded to me that I had only 1 percent chance of 100 of getting it with marital relations. And our children could only get it from me if I got it (I guess they have a chance when being born if I had it). So I had no clue that it was contagious at all. He doesn’t read at a 5th grade level and he only found out he had hepatitus from a doctor who didn’t tell him how serious it was (he got it from drinking too much). The doctor just told him if he drank more, he could get worse (he stopped drinking before I met him). He thought that was that.
I met him and asked him later about having anything that could affect me and he said he had been tested for STDs and was all right. So we got married and now this. I am sad because I don’t want to take this risk, but I still don’t know how risky it really is.I haven’t been able to have relations with him for a while now out of fear. I am full of sorrow. We only have a 4 year old and I wish I could have a brother or sister for her or more little ones for our family, but now this. Any advice? Anyone experience this? Anyone want to cry with me?


HCV is a VERY SERIOUS disease. You need to learn as much as possible about this. For starters, Hepatits C is spread through contact with infected blood. It is a virus. Your husband’s doctor should be able to help you with materials. Please keep us informed.


hugs and prayers. My mil and fil have it.


This is a VERY serious and incurable disease. It is NOT acquired by drinking too much, but requires intimate contact with blood or other bodily fluids:

Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by infection with the hepatitis C virus.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Hepatitis C infection is caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV). Persons who may be at risk for hepatitis C are those who:
*]Received a blood transfusion prior to July 1992
*]Received blood, blood products, or solid organs from a donor who has hepatitis C
*]Inject street drugs or share a needle with someone who has hepatitis C
*]Have been on long-term kidney dialysis
*]Have frequent workplace contact with blood (for instance, as a healthcare worker)
*]Have or have had sex with multiple partners
*]Have or have had sex with a person who has hepatitis C
*]Share personal items, such as toothbrushes and razors, with someone who has hepatitis C
*]Were born to hepatitis C infected mother[/LIST][size=3]You need to consult directly with your physician and carefully consider the facts and advice s/he gives to prevent contracting the disease yourself, or worse, spreading it to an innocent child–particularly since your husband is either incapable or unwilling to comprehend and share this vital health information. You owe a higher level of responsibility and moral duty to your child and potential unborn children than merely providing a sibling. You must safeguard your own health as well as avoid activities you know carry a chance of passing this disease onto an innocent party. Unfortunately, your husband’s unhealthy lifestyle choices have limited yours. I am very sorry for your circumstance, but you **must **become informed and have a duty to be proactive in how you deal with this knowledge you now have.


During hospitalization following the birth of my youngest daughter 33 years ago, I received several units of blood, one of which was contaminated with the Hepatitis C virus (at that time, though, it was called "Non-A, Non-Be Hepatitis). While it has had some occasional deleterious effects on my physical well-being, I’ve been blessed that it hasn’t greatly damaged my liver and I live a very full life, thanks be to God! My husband has not contracted it and neither have our two daughters, and while you certainly must be careful about avoiding contact the blood of the infected person, there should be no reason why you couldn’t have more children. (I couldn’t have more children following my daughter’s birth, but I certainly would have tried for more if I could. :slight_smile: )


Thank you for your kind posts. I am grateful to have people out there that really do understand. I did get some paperwork from his liver doctor, but I really do need a lot more. I will go through the informational websites you gave me, Island Oak. I am afraid to give it to any of my children. I have not been tested yet, but plan to as soon as possible. We are on a tight budget right now and are unable to go to the doctor regularly. Thank goodness my child can go to the doctor regularly.
Yes, he really does think it was caused from drinking. He said that the doctor told him that in the past before we even met. He has never had a blood tranfusion and yes it probably could have been the lifestyle he was leading. He didn’t have a solid family foundation. He was in a single mother household situation and she was into drinking and had abusive relationships, which he had to deal with. He was abused. I am not saying that it wasn’t his fault, but I am sure that if he had a better family life he would have had good influences to help him choose better choices. About 2 years ago before we met he finally has stopped the drinking cycle, but the damage is still there of course and I really feel bad about this whole situation. I have prayed about what to do, but I am so scared and still need to consider everything that I have learned about it and will learn about it.
I am very sorry to hear about you having hepC from a blood transfusion, FGEGM. I want to give you a prayer/novena of a mom who had gotten hep c the same way. We are going to try it soon, to ask her to intercede for us, because her family and people in her ministry have permission to pray to her and record down any miracles that could happen through her intercession so she can be cannonized. I believe she is in heaven and is a saint. Go to
familyland.org/content/Content.aspx?CategoryID=601 and click on prayer card. I am still reading about her from this site. It is quite inspirational. I am sorry to hear that your grampa and grandma-right?- have it KittyKat. Maybe you can also pray the novena for them and maybe we will all have miracles to share with eachother, if it be His will. Kristen, yes I need to get more information and now thanks to the links from Island Oak, my searching will be easier.


So thoughtful! Thank you ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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