Her Tuition Is Paid For!



I have been struggling with the issue of Catholic school for SweetGirlOne. I wanted it, DH didn’t for several reasons–the biggest of which was the financial bind it would place upon us. Well, he changed his mind and went with us to their Kindergarten Round-Up, liked what he saw, and said he’d love to have her go there but we’d have to see what the financial aid ended up being. I got right on it and submitted absolutely everything that TADS (the tuition assistance organization) asked for, and trust me, they asked for documentation of everything.

So the school secretary called me this morning and said “good news, I just heard back from TADS, and they’re helping you out.” “How much?” I said.

Her reply? “100%!”

SweetGirlOne is going to Catholic school!!! Say it with me, PRAISE OUR EUCHARISTIC LORD JESUS, GIVER OF ALL GOOD THINGS!!!


Praise the Lord! Y’know that makes YOU class mom and head cookie-baker for the next 9 years. Right?


^I’m SO there, mercygate! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You will have to put her photo on CAF in her uniform come August!!!



:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Praise the Lord!
I was one of those who urged you to look into Catholic schools because our children did so well in them. I feel confident that your children will flourish!


Fantastic news! Also a good reminder for those of us who can afford to give something to these programs to go and donate!


Hooray! I am so happy for your daughter and family, Prayers answered!!!


God works miracles, doesn’t He!! Praise Him always!:thumbsup:


HALLELUJA, Praise the Lord…

He is good to you :slight_smile:
Thank you Jesus… (and thanks for helping me too financially today… until now I forgot I had put that over into Your Hands Lord… Toda Adon!) :thumbsup:



What a wonderful gift He has given you this day!




That’s wonderful news! For our kids, there has been nothing better than putting them in our parish school.

God has blessed you!


Ahhhh… I remember that letter… 3 kids, no job, no husband (he walked out)… and I swore I was gonna have to stand on street corners to get my kids a good education… feels good huh? You know what feels even better? The year that you discern you can pay for their tuition… took me 6 years to get to that point… but I loved paying the tuition! I know, I am a nut… back to the nut house…


So much good news lately.

This is wonderful! :smiley:


God always provides.

It makes me wonder how many other parents would get help if they asked or were willing to submit all the documentation.



I really am so happy I saw that, because I say time and time again, no child should ever be denied a catholic education. I have read posts from families in areas where the tution is thousands and thousands for one child and can’t believe the local bishop(s) can’t do anything about it. God bless your pastor and bishop that was not the case for you.

I will continue to support catholic schools and hope that somehow my little contribution will go toward a family that is having a hard time paying tution.

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