Herbert W. Armstrong and Revelation 17


I was reading this article and it mentioned a person named Herbert W. Armstrong said something to the effect that the Catholic Church would bring unity to the East and West and cited Revelation 17. thetrumpet.com/index.php?q=6989.5492.0.0

Does Revelation 17 mention this and does anyone know a good faithful Catholic website on the Book of Revelation?


It is only the deluded interpretation of Armstrong and his ilk of the Book of Revelation that sees a Catholic conspiracy inside every verse. You would do well to toss this garbage – as a matter of fact, looking for Scripture interpretation by browsing aimlessly around the internet and giving any credence at all to everything you see is just asking to be deceived.

There plenty of good Catholic Scripture material available online and elsewhere so that you don’t have to drink poisoned water from kooks. For a good (and free) study of the Book of Revelation, go here:

Agape Bible Study

Thank you.

I highly recommend my commentary on Revelation litteralchristianlibrary.wetpaint.com/page/Commentary+on+Revelation+by+John+Litteral

Thank you.

Good ole Herbert died about a quarter of a century ago. Prior to his death, he publicly declared via his books, magazines, radio & TV shows that God told him that he would live to see the end of the world and that his mission was to alert everyone to what was happening. Last I checked, nothing world-ending happened in 1986. (well, there was the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986 – which ended life or their way of life for many – and if it wasn’t contained, could have had dire consequences for most of Europe and Asia).

I had a friend who was brainwashed by this guy. Whenever I met him, that is all that he would talk about – Herbert this and Herbert that. That was actually what prompted me to become more knowledgable about my faith so that I could rebuke the nonsense that I was constantly hearing.

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