Here is some of the emojis that were lost




:joy: They don’t show up in the quotes too well.

I was too lazy to put the old smiley in here.


Looks like the new ones work in the “quote” function. This new CAF is going to take some getting used to.
:woman_with_headscarf:t3: - Woman with hijab is interesting.


That’s exactly what I was thinking!


Alternatively, woman in a mocap (motion capture) outfit :smirk:


I kind of like the emojis better :rofl:


A bit too modern for my tastes, but to each their own. The old ones reminded me of my middle school days when I was part of a gaming message board. (Mostly) good times.

No Clubhouse or Back Fence?

I can’t do my :hmmm: anymore as it wants 20 characters.


-have both the forums and the emojis link as separate windows (you can right-click his link to give you that option).

-then set it up so you have both windows side-by-side

some computers, if you key the desktop window menu button (on the bottom left ) and press left or right arrows, it will lace a window to one side fro you. that’s Key windows menu + left/right arrow. You must hold down on the menu key on your keyboard and then press either arrow

Once both screens are splits, just have your messages open and drag the desired emoji into your post

unfortunately with this setup o the new forums, you can’t have it immediately following any words. It must be on its own line to activate

You can’t type any letters after it on the same line as the link, but you you hit the enter key after the emoji link, it should activate

Hope this helps



I do like how the messages layout though, I think it looks nice.

I just have it all linked in a folder. I will use the updated ones, I’m sure. I just thought this page would be nice for people who’d want to use the old ones.


Thanks, @Vim71! I tried to put them all in one post, but will have to split it up because of the character limit.

Generic Smilies

001_smile biggrin 003_wink 004_stickouttongue 005_embarassed confused 007_frown mad WDHf8zD cool 011_thumbsup eek 013_blush 014_shrug


015_yup 016_sad_yes JOqipy8 018_nope tdrmGSn QkeEEXT 021_crying QtDWOCy 023_tiphat NRceWmZ 025_tsktsk 026_love 027_nerd 028_whacky 6vdv1dY 030_bowdown2 031_whistle QORBB77[1] 033_bigyikes 034_wave XqoZuve 036_hmmm 037_ehh 038_coffeeread 039_yawn 040_sleep RjQ5X8w 042_hypno 043_dts 044_doh2 045_wink 046_blushing 047_newidea 048_juggle

Religious emoticons


049_angel1 050_getholy 051_gopray 052_gopray2 053_signofcross 054_highprayer 055_byzsoc 056_crossrc 057_nun1 058_nun2 059_knight1 060_knight2 RrEdId3 062_heaven


063_hug1 064_grouphug XVuW729 066_hug3


067_sad_bye 068_imsorry 069_frighten 070_bighanky


071_amen 072_blessyou


edaT40h[1] Jatf50v[1] 075_flowers eo0bpp5[1] 077_aok 078_yyeess 079_yeah_me 073_pshaw 081_tada



082_onpatrol 083_hammering


084_yukonjoe BPkR3yE


086_whackadoo 087_takeoff 088_jrbirdman WD7K58f 090_choocho 091_bluelite

No Fighting

092_stretcher 093_crutches 094_slapfight 095_blackeye


096_winter 097_tanning 098_snowing 099_christmastree1


B3wxUhT 101_manvspc 102_compcoff


103_coolinoff 104_ballspin 105_okpeople 67Avm1S


107_irish1 108_irish2 109_shamrock 110_irish3 111_kissme 112_shamrock2


113_bible1 114_heart 115_twocents 116_tissues 117_coffee 118_pizza 119_cake 120_idea




So, do we just cut an paste???
Let me try it.

OK, so I’ll bookmark this page I guess


Oh wow. I do like the old ones better. We have to have the popcorn.


this link has more - the old ones were Yahoo emoticons I think mostly


Looks like none of the emojis that we can choose from are animated here.

:smiley: :rage: :bow: :confused: :sunglasses: :astonished: :couple_with_heart_woman_man: :writing_hand: :rofl::wave: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :eye::eye:


They aren’t, which i’m somewhat surprised that they haven’t made those modern emojis animated. There are gifs and you can probably download your own, but still, i’ve kinda wondered why they never have.

I will probably use both, but I prefer the animated ones much better. They provide more emotion to it. I just love the popcorn guy. If they could put these back, that would be awesome. I’ll jsut keep this bookmarked otherwise


I think that Discourse uses the Unicode 10.0 emoji blocks (there are 22 of them). This is the popcorn emoji :popcorn:


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