Here is some of the emojis that were lost


still on a hunt for more of them. These I just found on another forum. In case some of you , like me, were very fond of the old ones.

Curmudgeons ☕😡🚬
What do you think of the forum redesign?
New Forum...ideas
Webmaster could you please import the old emojis

I have them all saved and I can upload them later tonight if there is enough demand.


Thanks friend, that would be great


Yes, please do! Thanks


Okay, here is an imgur gallery containing every single CAF Emoticon.


Well, that’s great! But you’re dealing with inept people here…LOL What do I do with it? Explicit instructions baby…LOL I’m also discovering that GRAMMERLY isn’t working here for me


One second, Clare, let me make sure this actually works:


Edit: Nope, you can’t post images and make them show up. Uhm, what?

Test 2:

Okay that works, and I would love to show you how, but unless you know how to do HTML + get the source of the original image, most people (99% of this forum) won’t be able to do it.

There is no image tag what-so-ever on discourse. I guess you should add that to the feedback page. Sorry guys.


OK thanks…I’ll keep playin around with it.


See my edited reply above.


It looks like all you need is the url…


How strange. I tried that, but it just showed up as a link.



Yes, please upload them.


You can find them all here:

Roy Moore's Accuser Count is now up to 9

I just opened your link and dragged the image into the editor. It dropped in the URL with no need to use HTML tags…


Oh that’s a better solution. Thanks man.


No problem… I guess being lazy has it’s uses. :smiley:


Thank would be great . Smart thinking.


I don’t recognize a lot of them. I guess I never paid much attention, though.


Try hitting “enter” - It only seems to work if the emoji is on a line with no other text


Okay, let me try it again:

There we go, that was it, it has to be on it’s own line with nothing else.

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