Here is the typical Amercan, Protestant "blog"


Don’t think Americans hate Catholics? Think again.


He hasn’t posted for a while but I left a comment for him.



The guy is a nut and seemed pretty extreme…all protestant blogs are this extreme?


One time-wasting blogger’s opinion represents all Protestants? Bloggers have no life in my opinion. :rolleyes: They are legends in their own minds, journalist wannabes. :rolleyes:


Yes, there are nuts in this country. From time to time I run across people who hold these opinions. I make sure to keep my distance and not cross them. They tend to own many many guns.



That’s hardly typical.

It may be typical in the blogosphere where opinions compete and only the more extreme get noticed so everyone tries to outdo everyone else.

But it’s certainly not typical of American Protestantism which, by and large, doesn;t even spend a whole lot of time thinking about the Pope or Catholicism.

It’s funny.

Here at a Catholic apologetics forum it is often felt to be necessary to portray the other in whole measure as hostile to Catholicism. This is done a number of ways but this thread is probably the most blatant I’ve seen in a long while, picking an extreme blog and just because it says “Protestant” in the title, suggesting that it represents the toughts and opinions of everyone else who happens also to be a Protestant.

Ridiculous and shameful, really.

Nuance much?

Or is life really such a cartoon for you?


Exactly. This is not a typical American Protestant. This is an a-typical American Hater, the sort of person who spends their time putting other people down to make themselves feel better. This same evil can be found on the other side, too. As was found in another thread - it’s called original sin.


I think it was kind of funny, and indicative of this guys small mind, that he criticized the Pope for not being patriotic in the Iran story. Patriotic to WHO? :shrug:

BTW, he was dead-on with one point, I am a member of the Holy Catholic Church first and foremost, and American second (sometimes distant second). I love our Church without borders. I love that I can call Eskimos and Salvadorans equally my Brothers.:thumbsup: I doubt that Heaven will be split by nationality.

Peace be with you all this Sunday.


What makes you think this is typical? It seems anything but typical to me.



Yeah, this is far from typical. As a protestant, I would’ve been…shall we say, less then kind, to any comments similar to those in this “man’s” blog said in person, and every other protestant I know would feel the same.


Yup…typical American Protestant all right…



You want to see some good Protestant blogs, although they may not grab a hold of the title? Take a look at these:

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