Here’s your latest reminder that Android security is a joke

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Just as we found we had to be very careful about email attachments and free laptop software so we need to extend this care toward phone apps. I have a small set I install in addition to the usual pre-installed set that comes with the phone. And that’s it. I know there are a zillion more out there, but who knows what I’ll regret.

It’s best to stick with only the known apps for the banks and merchants you do business with and don’t install others that “piggyback” on the known good apps. For example, Amazon and eBay have their own apps. But there are many 3rd party apps that claim to work with Amazon or eBay, some do what they say they’ll do, but others turn out to be malware. In other words, like cleverly designed phishing emails, there are cleverly designed apps with malware in them. For Apple and Google, it has essentially become a “whack a mole” exercise to quash all the bad apps from their respective stores.

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