Here we go again..apologists needed in Mpls-St. Paul


I really think this time only advice is needed, and maybe letter writing action.

Can we in the local area maybe form a support group for faithful Catholics? It seems that if we are to actually ge the word out that we are supposed to be Catholic in belief as well as action, we need to network.

Here is what I just found in the Catholic Spirit,

This is under the “calender” link along the right side index, the entries nestled comfortably along with parish festival announcements:

Chakra Journey workshop: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality at Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul. Personal growth and healing. Cost is $80 and includes lunch. For more information or to register, call (651) 696-2788.

Introduction to centering prayer: 8:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. at Benedictine Center, 2575 Larpenteur Ave. E., St. Paul. Presenter is Benedictine Sister Virginia Matter. Cost is $50. Call (651) 777-7251.

And you know, while I find the above very deeply disturbing as this is New Age religion pronounced as allegedly “Catholic”, I actually find it more disturbing that a particular parish finds it necessary to announce a Rosary on a certain date. Is the rosary a novelty to them? How sad is that? It’s said at my parish at least twice per day and the full rosary on Sundays at 3 following the Divine Mercy. Apparently this is worth of announcement in the archdiocese paper as though it were some kind of one time thing???

Frightening. Our people are in sore need of catechesis.

So is there some way we can react to the announcements above? (Please disregard my editorial on the rosary announcement–at least they’re saying the rosary publicly! God bless them and may many attend and reap great graces!)

It is just so far beyond inappropriate to announce “centering prayer” and “Chakra” stuff in a Catholic newspaper that I just don’t know what to say. “Chakra” is NOT compatable with Catholic teaching.

Is there someone with a hard-core Catholic response to Chakras in a Catholic paper?

Can I get any more long-winded than this? Do you see why I don’t just up and write letters as I need to vent first!

  1. Always sleep on the letters you write. Just some free advice.

[left]2. You may want to read A Chris***JESUS CHRIST****** THE BEARER OF THE WATER OF LIFE: ***[/font]on the “New Age”
which comes from the Pontifical Council on Inter-Religious Dialog. They address the Indian Chakra system specifically. You may take notes while reading, then include your notes in your letter.

Just a thought.

God Bless,


What is “Chakra”?


[quote=Character Zero]What is “Chakra”?

According to (I think) Hinduism or other Eastern Mysticysm, there are several points in the body which correspond with certiain things. The “Chakras” are points in the body which refer to “Chi” that impersonal “enenergy” they worship and believe they can control and become a part of.

The sexual Chakra is the Kundalini, and this is typically personified as a snake. It rises and it’s poitn is the base of the spine.

(Does anyone else find this disturbing?)

I’ve also found the “Root Chakra” as being the “life energy” aka kundalini, and this is the trigger to release energy. It is completely based upon sexuality.

The book I have does not give a clear definition of the 2nd chakra, but the third corresponds with the solar plexus, where one picks up on other people’s “trips” referring to positive or negative emotions. The 4th chakra is the heart center, or the “first of the higher createve centers. This is the center of the Christ spirit, or unconditional love for oneself or one’s fellows. If it is itoo wide o opn you will pick up all the suffering and pain of the human condition, being unable to detach and gain a perspective on it.” (( p 21 The Dream Book by Betty Bernards ))

The 5th chakra is associated with “higher creativity and clariaudience- psychic hearing or percetion of finder vibrations”

The 6th chakra is the “Third Eye”…this is associate with the “opening of true mystic potenital and spiritual knowledge, seeing with the one eye of truth”

7th Chakra…know as the crown center, union with God self. (NOTE: Not God AND self, but godself)

There’s a general definition. All came from the same source, quoted above.


[quote=RyanL]1. Always sleep on the letters you write. Just some free advice.


Yeah, I tend to get fired up so I HAVE to sleep on things I write “officially” otherwise I’d get myself in trouble. I do NOT want to be labeled as a disorganized crackpot!

Anyway, thanks for the link…I’ll check it out!

But there’s a larger question…this isn’t like a major article, it’s just an announcement.

I recently read something talking about symptoms of a larger problem…attacking the symptoms does nothing to cure the disease.

I know the source of the disease and the announcements such as those above are only a symptom which is very bacterial or viral and easily spread.

Is this one of those situations when I should be writing to the archbishop not about the issue of the “class”, but rather, about the public dissent of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carandelet and their radical feminism, New Age spirituality in direct contrast to Catholic teaching operating unchallenged out of Catholic institutions and directly trying to control the archdiocese of St. Paul-Mpls???

Or it is actually better to get people to write in complaint about the symptoms so that the source of all the complaints can become the center of attention?


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