I most certainly do not believe in a soul, but I do believe that our certain characteristics of our human nature, such as personality (the big five for example) and intelligence are derived from heredity. I count myself among people such as Arthur Jensen and Richard Lynn who are hereditarians

Any thoughts about this as I do think it weakens whatever free will have.


gotta give them credit for inventing this word, they get points for creativity


To not believe in a soul, you’d have to define what a soul is. Maybe you’re not a dualist, but I don’t necessarily see the two things as the same thing.

The fact that environment can and does change personality and intelligence means I don’t put tremendous stock in hereditary traits, though. Sure, I’m certain that people inherit traits genetically - I just think such things matter less and less, especially as science advances. What used to be a death sentence from birth no longer is, and never has to be for all time.


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