Here's a Biblical classic rock song for you

absolutely beautiful. it gives me chills every time i hear it.

turn it up and enjoy.:slight_smile:

thank you for sharing!


Always loved that song. Thanks.


“Turn! Turn! Turn!” That’s a song I haven’t heard in a while. :o

Here is another song which was popular around the same time, but gets even less airplay now.

Rivers of Babylon

For those who don’t recognize the lyrics, they come from Psalm 137:1-4

AAHHH yes…The Byrds…Great Band and Great song…Out in 1966

Lyndon Johnson was President.
Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were still alive.
The Gemini space program…

Those were the days of my youth…


Yup - one of my favorite songs. That and Kyrie Eleison

It’s interesting to me how, not so long ago, Christian culture was found more more in the mainstream. This song, clear Biblical references in the original Twilight Zone, also Biblical references in Star Trek, even one episode (Bread and Circuses) where the dialogue indicates that Jesus had been to an alien world. This was a big deal because Gene Roddenberry was very progressive and dreamed that humanity would outgrow religion at some point.

Anyway, I digress.

The Seekers cover is considered an essential 60s classic in Australia:

Here’s the original music video(complete with the introduction):

Seekers were always great at covering songs like that… making a music video/film from it was decades ahead of it’s time(now every song has to have a video).

The song also reminds me of the beautiful Quaker hymn “simple gifts”… Might be Quaker, but it’s still a beautiful Christian Hymn. The tune should be familiar, it was later used for “The Lord Of The Dance”(the Hymn and the show too)…

Here’s Jewel singing it beautifully:

I think it’s actually based on the same passage…

How about this one friends?
Norman Greenbaum, Spirit in the Sky :):):slight_smile:

I love this song! :thumbsup:

I find it ironic that this song is played a lot at sporting events. :stuck_out_tongue:

so true:)

Okay, I am clueless. :blush:

What is the irony?

It’s a song about death and the afterlife … Not to mention being religious … Altogether an odd choice for secular sporting events. Like playing ‘Ave Maria’ or something.

I wonder if it all started as a bit of a joke at the crowd’s expense?

I don’t think so. It was probably chosen for its good instrumental. Most of the songs played in the stadium (talking about football specifically) are used to pump up the crowd and this song has those qualities.


That is what I was thinking. Its a very confident, even swaggering, song. This fits well in a sports arena.

Moreover, the vague piety of the lyrics fits well with the attitudes that most Americans (I can’t speak for the situation in other countries) feel regarding religion. As long as you are generally a good person and give a nod in the direction of the cross, you’re set for the afterlife so don’t worry, be happy.

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