Here's A Robot That Will Mow Your Lawn, Rake Your Leaves, And Shovel Your Snow



Here’s A Robot That Will Mow Your Lawn, Rake Your Leaves, And Shovel Your Snow

Do you enjoy doing yard work? If so, this article is not for you. However, if mowing the grass, raking the leaves and especially shoveling snow aren’t leisure-time activities you look forward to, relief is on the horizon. A robot named Kobi will do all of these things for you because yard work is so last year.Kobi is an autonomous electric-powered robot that comes with attachments for grass cutting, leaf blowing and snow shoveling. The grass module cuts to a depth of less than an inch, mulches the clippings and returns them to the lawn. The leaf module mulches the leaves and piles them wherever you’d like. The snow module will dump the snow where you want it and can blow snow up to 40 feet depending on weather conditions.

The robot is equipped with what the manufacturer calls a high-end GPS and several positioning sensors that feed it information about where it is, obstacles in its path and the height of the ground under the unit. Although it has to be trained before it can take care of your yard work, the training process sounds simple and straightforward. You walk it around the perimeter of your yard so it can learn the boundaries of your property, guide it around permanent obstacles like trees, and show it where to dump leaves and grass. That’s all it needs to do the job.

Kobi has bluetooth, WiFi and mobile data connectivity. You communicate with it through a mobile phone app that allows you to set times when it can and can’t work. You can also stop it on command and drive it using the app if you don’t want Kobi to carry out its tasks by itself.

The robot is powered by a high-end lithium-ion battery and it will attach itself to a recharging station when its charge gets low. The system conserves energy by doing its tasks frequently when it takes less power to get the job done because the volume of grass, leaves or snow to be cleared is low. This approach is especially elegant when it comes to snow removal. Because Kobi receives weather reports, it gets to work when the snow starts and continually clears your driveway while it’s snowing rather than waiting until a large amount of snow has accumulated.


I want one! :bounce:


This is actually really cool, but probably super expensive.


I can see my young nephews asking for one for Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:


My wife already has one…me:)


Article quotes $4k, which is about the price of one of those zero-turn radius riding mowers. Not bad really. I could see spending that to not have to mow the lawn, rake the leaves or shovel the driveway.


It could take away jobs but it sound so “cool!.” Especially love the shoveling snow given I am in Iowa.


But what would my neighbor kid do?


I like that it will go out and do snow removal several times. I hate shoveling every couple hours. I do wonder if it will auto swivel the discharge chute depending on what side of the driveway it’s on or if it’s on the sidewalk. It is illegal to throw the snow into the street in my area.




As the average selling price for a detached home is now $1.5 million here in Vancouver, we live in an apartment and don’t have to worry about this sort of thing :D. (Of course no one has to shovel snow in Vancouver anyway…the one Canadian city that completely shuts down if we get a sprinkling of snow).


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