Here's a salamander

My nephew found it (my little sister is holding it in the photo).
He asked if we should turn over another log, I said “Don’t worry about it, there’s probably nothing there”, and I hear him yell, “Uncle, there’s a salamander”!


Anyone (besides me) know the species?

I do not know. I dislike them though! Creepy.

I found my daughter’s two cats staring down at the rug one day and they had one there. I eventually figured out why they kept sitting and staring at the garage door area, there were two 2-3 inch openings on either side of the door and they must have come in that way. One of the cats brought it from the garage into the living room. Ewwww! We don’t have them where I live.

You can bet I cemented up those openings right away!

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Her cats may want to be careful; most salamanders are at least mildly poisonous. Many of them are endangered. This is probably a mud salamander, it has the build of pseudotriton (It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between mud salamanders and red salamanders, I am going by the eyes, though), reverse image search says it’s a southern red-backed salamander, which, is not probable, as I’m outside of its range, and a little too thick to boot. My nephew said it ACTED like a cat when he picked it up (he’s not lying, that thing crawled all over him). I can tell you that it is a lungless salamander (which is not that hard to believe, as that’s the largest salamander family), so I had to explain to him, that since it breathes through its skin, he can’t hold on to it very long. (Generally speaking, handling amphibians, it’s a good idea to wear gloves). I must admit to not understanding what’s so creepy about these, other than them being mostly nocturnal and rare to see. To me, that makes it cool. But I’m weird, anyway.

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I get the feeling you wouldn’t be too fond of the Northern Slimy Salamander
Stickiest salamander

Ewww, you are correct! :wink:

See now, I like creepy crawlies. Reptiles, amphibians, SPIDERS.

You can have mine! :joy:

If I could, I would, but, living in a warm climate, we have this: 8 more sightings of invasive Tegu lizards in South Carolina

Eww, I wish I hadn’t looked! :joy:

Hey now, you clicked on the link

I won’t anymore!

Because I never give up a chance to use a pun or wordplay. Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Here’s a Link to Link (the main protagonist in The Legend of Zelda games). A link link, if you will.

My MIL was obsessed with that game, and she was in her 50s at the time!

Here is a chameleon:

Took me a minute to get it.


I think that salamander is cute.

I do too. I like amphibians and reptiles, I’m weird.

My sister had some kind of lizard with a big tail.
Iforget the name. I hated it she wore this thing on her shoulder. It was huge.

I {{shudder}}.

I’m sure your salamander is nice.

Just for fun

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