Here's a Valentine's poem for your wife


Ah, you are beautiful, my beloved,
ah, you are beautiful!
Your eyes are doves
behind your veil.
Your hair is like a flock of goats
streaming down the mountains of Gilead.

Your teeth are like a flock of ewes to be shorn,
which come up from the washing,
All of them big with twins,
none of them thin and barren.

Your lips are like a scarlet strand;
your mouth is lovely.
Your cheek is like a half-pomegranate
behind your veil.

Your neck is like David’s tower
girt with battlements;
A thousand bucklers hang upon it,
all the shields of valiant men.

Your breasts are like twin fawns,
the young of a gazelle
that browse among the lilies.

Until the day breathes cool and the shadows lengthen,
I will go to the mountain of myrrh,
to the hill of incense.

You are all-beautiful, my beloved,
and there is no blemish in you.
Come from Lebanon, my bride,
come from Lebanon, come!
Descend from the top of Amana,
from the top of Senir and Hermon,
From the haunts of lions,
from the leopards’ mountains.

You have ravished my heart, my sister, my bride;
you have ravished my heart with one glance of your eyes,
with one bead of your necklace.

How beautiful is your love, my sister, my bride,
how much more delightful is your love than wine,
and the fragrance of your ointments than all spices!

Actually it is God’s poem to Our Lady


Beautiful!!! :thumbsup:


Ah, good 'ole Song of Songs. First time I read that verse I promised myself to write it out for my future wife :cool:


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