Here's to hoping American Catholic news is just as critical on Trump

I hope American Catholic news outlets are critical toward Trump’s administration and policies. I visit often, but I’m starting to become turned off from it – as it seems to be a gathering place of various pro-Republican stances and not necessarily pro-Catholic. That is, while the site collects various articles and posts from around the online Catholic world, it seems to focus exclusively on those political and social issues that align with the Republican Party. I hope to see NewAdvent and other Catholic sites emphasize immigration, refugees, and health care as much as they talk about abortion and homosexuality. What do you think?

Why would Catholic news outlets be “critical toward Trump’s administration and policies” if his policies are better in line with Church teaching than the administration of the last 8 years?

This is not to say that they should ignore issues on which Trump makes missteps, but your post seems to assume that his stances on immigration, refugees, and health care are moral issues which he is wrong on, and I must disagree.

His stances on these issues not intrinsically wrong. And, in fact, they are beneficial.

Regarding immigration and refugees: It is the right and obligation of a sovereign nation to enforce its borders and protect its citizens. No nation “owes” it to the world to allow people in if it does not benefit itself. And furthermore, with the dangerous issue of Islam spreading terrorism into the West, it seems to be a good call to stop the immigration of high-risk persons.

In regard to healthcare: The ACA has many policies which are directly in opposition to Church teaching, particularly on the issue of abortion. From an economic standpoint, it is a disaster. I don’t see how you can consider Trump’s stance on this to be against Church teaching.

I think there are enough media outlets that are critical of Trump. :rolleyes:

As Trump is not Jesus, “more in line” is meaningless. There is still plenty of room for legitimate criticism where he is not in line with Catholic teaching. The question is legitimate how Catholics and Catholic outlets will respond.

I’d like that too but yeah, don’t get your hopes up. The Republican Party has been brilliant at convincing Christians that it represents them.

My words were spoken in the context of the OP. I agree with what you have said as a general principle, but not in the context of which policies the OP was talking about.

The problem is - regardless of whether or not Trump’s position on the refugees or health care is intrinsically evil - you don’t see any perspective on these issues at most Catholic sites other than the Republican side. At least not the Catholic sites that promote themselves as faithful and orthodox.

I have never seen any articles supporting universal health care at the National Catholic Register. I have seen several articles offering reasons to oppose it though. I’ve never seen New Advent share an article critical of Trump’s policies on banning refugees, even though it can be argued that such a move is contrary to what Christ demands of us. And the worst part is if a Catholic news site DID ever address issues from a perspective that didn’t conform to the Republican party’s values, it would be attacked as “liberal nonsense.”

Catholic media in America has a huge partisan blind spot and it is something that needs to seriously be addressed.


I don’t think you have to worry about that, though I suspect the Church leans by region (ie liberal vs. conservative) in the country whether it is ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ Trump. I think there is a greater danger of the liberal anti Trumpers giving us alternative facts i.e., too negative slanted, and the pro conservative Trumpers doing the same, too postive slanted. I think most responsible mainstream Catholic media will play fair for the most part.

I think this is the point that puzzles me. Why can’t Catholic publications be biased towards a conservative worldview? Since conservative values match Catholic teaching more closely than progressive values, what is wrong with Catholic publications predominantly presenting conservative articles?

I wasn’t aware that their job was to present all points of view and leave readers to decide what opinion is “best for them”. I thought the idea of Catholic publications is to guide people to hold beliefs more in line with Catholic beliefs.

Am I wrong?

Now, I should be clear, I am not saying that Catholic publications should always be partisan in favor of the Republican side - As has been clearly demonstrated, the Republican establishment is motivated more by political correctness than by conservative values. However, since the Democratic platform is so antithetical to Catholic teaching, I am not surprised nor am I disappointed in the way that Catholic publications are behaving.

There are points at which conservative views diverge from Church teaching. Unfettered use of the death penalty, application of torture, nuclear proliferation (which wasn’t an issue until…well, until now it is again)… These have been espoused by conservative politicians in recent years. NO political party is aligned with Church teaching. There’s the rub. Unfortunately, it seems that most Catholic publications recognize that conservative politicians speak to big ticket moral issues – and as a result, they become mouthpieces for these politicians instead of challenging them on other points.

You took what I said much further than I stated it. I said “biased towards a conservative worldview”, not “completely in line with a conservative worldview”.

See the difference? No one is trying to say that conservatism has perfectly Catholic standards.

There should be no bias toward any worldview other than the Church’s.

You’re splitting hairs. I think you know exactly what I meant.

Can you go on and bring out some kind of point that you’re getting to?

I’m not attempting to split hairs. I’m being as pointed and direct as I can. No Catholic publication should lend itself to one political worldview. It should lend itself completely to the Church’s worldview. The result would be honest critique of liberals, conservatives, and all other perspectives when necessary. And critiques of all perspectives are always necessary because none of them align with the Church.

And since Catholic publications espouse the Catholic worldview, it is very common for people to point at them and say they are “overly biased toward conservatism”. Right: they’re being Catholic. And since being Catholic means having many positions that are also conservative opinions, that’s how it is.

I don’t think this is very complicated.

No, I’d respect them if this were the case. Sadly, though, when they’re overly biased toward conservatism, they usually don’t criticize conservatism at all.

My experience is different. I have seen no reputable Catholic publication which was adamantly conservative. Usually I see articles speaking against things such as the death penalty, nuclear weapons, etc.

Can you give an example of a publication which ignored the few issues in which conservatism is in opposition to Church teaching?

I think the tendency to absolutize the right to means of production and private property is very contrary to the Gospel and the church. I would also like to see a true representation of the churchs position on this.

I don’t believe Catholics should be Democrats. But I believe Catholics should very assertively seek to educate the Republican party and other Christians in it about the Gospel ideals.

While it seems very reasonable for Catholics to choose the Republican conservatives over the Leftist Democrats, they should not do it in a blinded fashion. They should seek to educate and convert Republucans on these issues which are at the heart of the Gospel: our duty to others in society, our duty to build a society that is mindful of its obligation towards the least among us.


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