Here's where we are headed

I heard Patrick Madrid mention this case on the radio and was able to dig up the article.
This is where the “gay rights” movement (along with its passive advocates) want to take the US.:frowning:

That’s right.

Gay rights = Christians to the back of the bus = religious freedom? What’s that?

This could be averted if Christians were voting and engaging in other political activities, according to the teachings of Christianity and the Catholic Church. Also, should be working with other Christian and non-Christian groups to swart the “gay rights” agenda. Let me be CYSTAL CLEAR, though. I do not advocate any kind of physical harm to people who experience SSA. I do not hate them. However, I do think that marriage should be defined as only between one man and one woman. Also, I want to maintain constitution right to beleive as I see fit.

We are seeing the result of a constant drumbeat over the last 30-40 years to the effect that the enlightened human will see any sexual behavior, with the possible exception of pedophilia, as “normal” and to be protected. The corollary which comes with it is that anyone who objects is “hateful”, and then we get to “hate speech.” And then…?

The pastor was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating hate crime laws, after giving a sermon in which he said that homosexuality was a “deep cancerous tumour in the entire society,” and upholding the traditional view of marriage as between one man and one woman.

The appeals court overturned the verdict, however the prosecutor asked that the sentence be increased to 6 months.

Apparently the appeals court also thought that the conviction would be unfavorably reviewed by the European Court of Human Rights.

In any case, it serves as a warning. The pastor was convicted under hate crime legislation for stating a religious doctrine.

It is interesting that those who, frequently, insist that this kind of thing will never happen are incredibly silent. In fact, the silence is deafening. Many contributors on CAF will say we are over-reacting and crying wolf. Where are they now. It is coming folks. The problem lies not with Catholic teaching, though, it is with those Catholics who choose to place their own judgement above the Bible and 2000 years of tradition.

The case was in Sweden, and the pastor was aquitted, the charges was dropped.

So, nothing there has any bearing on the US and their constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of religion.

Maybe that’s why the CAF contributors you are alluding to is silent because they know that this has no bearing on pretty much anything. the ultimate verdict was favourable towards christianity…
And maybe the pastor could have avoided even the misunderstanding taht occurred if he had said that the actof homosexuality and not blanketed Homosexuals as a group.

Have a little faith in the constitution and democracy at least.

The pastor was only saying what the Bible says. The poor man probably has more legal fees that he can ever pay. Also, why do Christians constantly buy in the “gay rights” terminology? There are no “homosexual” people. There are only homosexual acts with are an abomination unto the Lord. The Christians job is to preach the whole truth and nothing but the truth and to safeguard their societies from social cancer, such as homosexual acts.

I think what the other person was saying was that if the pastor had stuck with something like “homosexual behavior is a sin and an abomination to God”, he might have had less problems than he did since he is not judging individuals or some esoteric ideas (I believe the concept of “homosexuality” and even “heterosexuality” as an idea came about in 19th century German psychoanalysis–prior to that; prior to that, it was behavioral: are you having sex with members of the opposite or the same sex?), but merely commenting on behavior (which is what Scripture does anyway…the concept of homosexuality/heterosexuality is not in Scripture, only the concept that two people of the same sex having sexual relations is a sin and a man and a woman having sexual relations in any situation outside of marriage is also a sin).

I think your splitting hairs.

Funny, constitutions and governmental systems have crumbled over and over again throughout history, yet the Catholic Church is still standing… hmmmm… why should I put my faith in parchment again?

In Denmark, there is a pedophile political party asking for…you guessed it, equal treatment with homosexuals.

This is what happens when the term “sexual orientation” is interpreted to mean “whatever turns you on”

Have you read the papers lately, listened to public media, following bo’s agenda? Dark clouds on the horizon, no doubt about it.

Do you have an article and web site to go with that statement, Bob?

(I live kinda near Chi-town!)

The group, Call to Action, is one which supports gay “marriage”, women’s ordination and the full gamut of practically anything that the Church upholds as Truth. They are also involved in backing Alinskyian Organizations (think little ACORNs) which are gaining footholds in many parishes around the country, especially in politcally liberal areas. They use Liberation Theology, putting material needs ahead of taking care of people’s souls. They actually DO a lot of good, however, and people are getting suckered in to joining, not realizing they are a front for leftist political activism.

There are many of these in NM, CA and WI, some which are affiliated with the Gamaliel group. If you think there is one in your city, and your parish either belongs to it, or is being asked to, I urge you to fight it!

For more info, PM me.

God bless,

Baloney. The US has a strong tradition of free speech as well as a strong tradition of separation of Church and State. Sweden, where this case took place, doesn’t have either (at least not compared to the US.)

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