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Yesterday, I was praying the Rosary with my mother. I was finding it difficult to focus on the Hail Mary, the mysteries, and at the same time not have bad thoughts. I realize it’s not exactly the best way to get rid of thoughts, but I’m working on it. Anyways, it was sort of easy to do, because I felt like I was kind of sharing in the Lord’s Agony in the Garden, but hard enough that I had to deliberately try to think about other things to get away from those thoughts.

While I’m not saying I somehow added or subtracted from what Jesus felt, I am wondering: is this line of belief heretical or something? I just want to make sure that if I tell others about this experience, I won’t be a heretic. It sounds scrupulous, but I don’t usually have these problems, which is why I’m especially wondering about this.

Heresy is the obstinate denial of a truth that must be believed. It seems like you had distraction in prayer, not heresy.

That is what I think.

Distraction is just part of being human…look! A squirrel! Ok, back now. If i get really distracted, like forget what underlying mystery I’m on, or can’t remember the first 9 hail mary’s I just said , l just go with it and say the ‘over’ prayers (Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s, Glory Be’s) and get the mysteries in when my mind is more focused later in the day.

Heresy’s are very serious breaches, being human isn’t on that scale IMHO.

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