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I didn’t realize they sang about the rapture, too. It is really disturbing how so many genuine “Sola Scriptura” Christians can be so deceived by that theology that is so far removed from the Bible. There are certain things that I can understand how someone reading the Bible might misinterpret them, but that one totally boggles my mind. It’s actually scary how deceived that even those who are geuinely seeking the truth can be.

Changing Heart. You take things way too far. You obviously have not read the rest of the songs lyrics
.He is talking about how while the people of Bethlehem and Jerusalem slept they missed their savior and we here in america are doing the same thing due to our way of life. We don’t have our focus on God’s way…hence the remark about save the trees but kill the childern.

Personally i would not read as far as you are into any of the songs. It’s more like poetry and things that make you think then any type of bible study or theology class.

Sorry, but “For the Bridegroom has returned And has carried His bride away in the night,” is bluntly about the faulty rapture theory. The song seems to be taking Matthew 24:42 in the context of the heretical rapture. Yes, there were plenty songs that I myself had liked, but chose to stop listening to since they violated my faith. If you want to still listen to it, that is your decision, but I wouldn’t recommend listening to it in the presense of anyone who is not firmly grounded in his/her faith.

I’m sorry did you read the gospel on Sunday? It talks about this same issue of some being taken and some not being taken.
I think you are focusing too much on certain words or lines and reading into them without looking at the larger context of what the artist is trying to convey in their song.

I guess we have to agree to disagree. i would wather listen to this uplift song then listen to the trash on main stream radio…

The separation of the sheep and the goats, yes. But Jesus isn’t going to carry away all, “true believers” up to Heaven 7 years before His Second Coming, as the pretribulational rapture theory suggests. Matthew 24:40-41 is not contrasting people who will be taken up to Heaven or “left behind” at the “rapture” as the dispensationalists like to claim.

And how do you know that each one of the Artist believes in that theory? Are you lumping them all together because they are non-catholic?

It’s in the phraseology.

I beleive that you assume and read too much into certain phrases instead of looking at the content of what the artist is talking about. Almost like sole scripture bible thumping protestants who take one line out of the bible, and proclaim doctrine and don’t look at the context around that line to realize that it in fact said something else.

I read the lyrics for the entire song. Those lines reference the heresy. I know it is difficult when you like a song to realize that it is not what you thought, but that is the reality sometimes. If it doesn’t bother you, then, by all means, continue to listen to it, but unless I hear or read about the Casting Crowns denouncing the rapture, I don’t see how else to take those lines.

I think most of you are being a bit too precious. Sure, these songs aren’t suitable to use at a Mass or other Catholic liturgy, but to insist that a Catholic shouldn’t even listen to them in his spare time is rather fanatical.
IMHO if a Catholic manages to at least avoid listening to the majority of contemporary popular music which is full of exhortations to sexual immorality and violence, gutter language, even pointedly anti-Christian messages, he is doing pretty well!
I don’t analyse the theological stance of the songs I listen to for entertainment. Hey I occasionally listen to songs inspired by Hindu, Buddhist or New Age pagan beliefs. It’s just entertainment. Sure if these songs were your only exposure to Christianity you would get a warped impression of Christianity. But I don’t think an intelligent practising Catholic has anything to worry about by including them on your playlist.

We’d love to help! Please call our pastors at (800) 525-LOVE. Once our pastor has a chance to become better acquainted with you and the type of church you are looking for, they will provide suggestions.

This is taken from klove’s website. Notice the church that suits you attitude not seek out the Church founded by Christ.

My wife listens to nothing but klove and CCM and i tell you what after listening for so long i can pick out which denomination they belong to just by the lyrics.

Guadalupe radio network san antonio TX 89.7:thumbsup:

“precarious” =P

still haven’t seen lyrics that are outright heretical yet…

You must tire yourself out with look up every lyric of every song and seeing if it perfectly fits with catholic doctrine. If you are well grounded in your faith then there is no reason to be afraid of hearing something that is not 100% catholic.

I will keep listening to Casting Crowns. I realize that the group is not catholic and that some of their songs are coming from their lack of knowledge but that doesn’t mean that I don’t learn something from them. The songs are inspiration, they get me thinking about my relationship with god and am I doing enough in my relationship. Like I said I don’t get the churches teaching from any song. [FONT=Arial]I recognize were my spiritual influence and learning should come from. If I want something like that then I read a church father or a saints or other religious author’s book.


Well, then your opinion contradicts the words of Jesus Christ found in Matthew 5:48. “In a word, you must be made perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”

Those words do NOT read, “Be better than people who listen to the messages of the majority of contemporary popular music.”

IMHO if a Catholic manages to at least avoid listening to the majority of contemporary popular music which is full of exhortations to sexual immorality and violence, gutter language, even pointedly anti-Christian messages, he is doing pretty well

Perhaps Petergee is referring to making one small step at a time toward perfection. This today, that tomorrow. I hope Jesus is patient because I keep trying but I am making only baby steps some days. Very humbling when you think about it…

I would like to comment on the now dead issue of Skillet’s song “Re-birthing.”

The objection was raised that this song deals with the Sinner’s Prayer, other fundamentalist conceptions of salvation, whatever. In the actual video, however, a person is seen throughout being submerged–baptized, in other words–and the lyrics imply nothing concerning the fundamentalist view of salvation.

Well then, I stand corrected. If they are associating “rebirthing” or an adaptation of the phraseology of John 3:5 with Baptism, then that is theologically sound. My apologies to them and this community.

I don’t recall Christ or the Church ever saying that it is a sin to listen to a song which has lyrics which are theologically questionable.

I agree. “Amazing Grace” is theologically questionable, yet was voted the #7 liturgical song of all time in a Catholic survey.

When something is outright heretical, however, denying the faith or any part thereof, well again, it is not my place to deem listening to it “sinful” if the Church made no official declaration. (I’m not so sure, however, that the Church never spoke on this issue, although I must admit, in my limited knowledge, I know of nothing specific.) However, if you are listening to it in the presence of someone who is weaker in their faith, you may cause a brother or sister in Christ to stumble.

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