Heretical judaism + heretical Christianity = what?


A friend of mine was raised Catholic left the Church for fundamentalism and has now embraced a theology that in short believes that the Church illegitimately replaced Judaism. She believes Jesus is the Messiah but not God made flesh (At least that what she said until yesterday). Now she says that Jesus is part of a “Godhead” but he is 'less" than the Father. Confusing to say the least. She also believes that the Catholic Church caused the Holocaust. Here is what she said yesterday:


"By the end of the second century the Gentiles believers started to separate themselves from the Jewish people and by the time Constantine made Rome a Christian state it became anti-Jewish. This was the beginning of antisemitism in the Church which culminated in the Holocaust."

Any comments?


A good book on the subject is Salvation is from the Jews by Roy H. Schoeman. He is a Jew who has been fulfilled in Catholicism. In the book he documents how the Nazis followed a pagan religion and were hostile to all Christianity.


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