What really is behind the term Judeo-Christian faith? Does it mean we are bound to some Jewish customs? are we partly Jewish yet acknowledging Jesus Christ as the foretold messiah in the old testament who the Jews renounced? Some sects (like the Jehovah’s witnesses) tend to claim that we are no longer bound to Jewish customs. What does the CC hold?

The one in bold is my main question:)

I would say that most if not all Catholic traditions are rooted in one way or another to Jewish traditions and practices. In many ways, we are progressive Jews. We are seperated only by the fact that we accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah and that he fullfileld fully the prophecies and the Law of Moses and our Jewish bretheren do not. In all other respects we worship the one and only God and we are also inheritors of the promise made to Abraham. Of course, I am no apologist. I look forward to readingt he responses of those more expert than I.

I despise the term “Judeo-Christian”. It implies that we are practicing Judaism, which we are not.

It’s a political slogan forced upon the Church.


Well, certainly we have roots in the Jewish faith since God chose to reveal the truth through the Jewish people. “[T]he Jews are entrusted with the oracles of God.”

But at the same time, Paul makes it clear in Romans that we are justified by our faith, and not by following Jewish Law. So I think the phrase “Judeo-Christian” merely reflects the truth that Christian faith is inseparately tied to Jewish history and faith. By holy design, the Jews were the first carriers and recipients of God’s message.

But we aren’t Jewish sect and we aren’t bound by Jewish law.


PS: If you really want to start an intellectual debate refer to Muslims as having a Juedo-Islamic faith, which is technically true.

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