Hero Taxi Driver Puts Holiday Reward from Queensland on Hold for the Baptism of His Two Children


This taxi driver in Australia saw a bus on fire, and people were screaming at the back door to be let out. Not thinking of his own safety, he was the only person to run over to the bus on fire, using his karate skills to kick in the back door and let the 11 people in the burning bus escape. As part of his reward, the former refugee from South Sudan was given a trip to the Gold Coast. Others would have just gone and postponed his young childrens’ baptism to be held at St. Pius X Catholic Church, but he put his trip on hold and stayed to have them baptized, providing God’s grace for his children first.
“It is something really good to see your kids going to the house of God and willing to be part of that house.”
“It makes me feel really good to feel as a parent you are doing your job,” he said.
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Oh gee, this brings tears to my eyes. A man puts the Baptism of his children before a trip.
May he and his family be abundantly blessed. He seems such a humble man in spite of his new hero status.

Thanks for another heart warming link.



Aw…it’s nice to get good news.

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