Heroes of the Faith- Both Catholic AND Noncatholic!

Discuss ‘heroes of the faith’. It can be a hero of your faith, doesn’t even matter whether it’s catholic or even non-christian. For me, one of the big heroes of my faith were Hans and Sophie Scholl. They stood against the nazi regime, and they were members of the german resistance group The White Rose.

The following is taken from a scene in the movie, “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days”. It was based off of typed records of some of the interrogations during her captivity:


Thomas Moore
Pope John Paul 2
Francis desalles
Francis Xavier

Martin Luther
Blessed Pope John Paul 2
Clive Staples Lewis
Thomas Aquinas
Oswald Chambers

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Saint Louise de Marillac
Pope John Paul II
Catherine of Sienna
Martin Luther

My female ELCA pastor:

Other than being female, she was astoundingly orthodox. When the ELCA started going nuts with a new secular-based doctrine, she helped lead her church out of the ELCA and into a synod that retained orthodox practice. A synod, that taught that she would no longer be able to be a pastor.

She chose to lead her people to God over her personal pride in being a great pastor for her people.

Archbishop Alberto Ramento, Ninth Obispo Maximo of the Philippine Independent Church. He spoke out about extrajudicial killings and was himself murdered in his rectory in October, 2006.


Blessed John Paul, II
St. Francis of Assisi

St. Alban
John Wycliffe
William Tyndale

John Wesley

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