Heroes season 1

Anyone seen the new TV series? What are your thoughts?


I’m liking it so far. With only two (technically 3, but I watch the Sci-Fi broadcasts on Fridays rather than the NBC broadcasts on Mondays), it could still easily go either way. So far, though, I think it has been setting itself up nicely. That being said, though, I can see how it could easily fall into several traps. One of which being its explanation of the origin of superpowers. Another being its attempt to root itself too firmly in the “real world.” Superpowers in a non-superpowered setting (i.e., there are no four-color-style superheroes, and powers are just now appearing or, at least, just now being noticed) can be a slippery slope, especially for television. I think The 4400 is handling it well, but others (I cannot recall of the name of the specific example that I’m thinking of) haven’t done quite so well.

I agree with “its too early to tell.” I like the awkwardness of those who are discovering their “gifts.” What I don’t like is the multistory stories within the show. Drive me nuts.

I thought I would enjoy the show, but after three episodes it is already beginning to creep me out. I can handle most of the superheros, but the powers are a little bit wierd. The supervillain I just can’t handle; him and the extremely graphic scenes he leaves behind.

My husband should really enjoy it after he catches up. He missed most of episode two and all of episode three because he was at KofC meetings.

I am enjoying it so far. I am also enjoying watching the evolution of each super-power. We shall see how this progresses.

The only character that creeps me out is the girl with the possessed spirit. She sees her alter-ego in the mirror. She blacks out and awakens to find the bad guys brutally killed. Not my kind of hero.

This show reminds of me the 4400 too much.

Yes, K, she is one of the heros who creeps me out, too. And the closing scene in the third episode with the cheerleader just grossed me out.

I like it so far. We’ll see.

What’s the “4400?”

That didn’t creep me out as much because she has the ability to heal quickly. She’ll be alright. Like Wolverine, she has the ability to rejuvenate her body cells very quickly. What makes Wolverine a warrior was the replacement of his bone structure with a hard metal. Hence, he could crash into solid objects and not break any bones.

The cheerleader has some creepy powers. She’s apparently not able to die (immortal?) and having her cut open on the autopsy table was a bit too graphic. In the latest episode she apparently gets back at the guy who "killed’ and tried to rape her by crashing their car (with both of them in it) full speed into a concrete wall. Some of these people aren’t what I’d call heroes.

It’s summer show on USA network. Over numerous years, people are abducted by the future humans and never from again. Then in one day in a flash of light, all 4400 people return: they haven’t aged a day and they have new powers. The humans of the future have given the 4400 powers so that they may prevent a future disaster. Visit the4400.com to learn more.

I agree. These people aren’t what I would call Superhero.

One guy is a drug addict
One gal is a prostitute/stripper
One guy is a politician, and as it that isn’t enough, he has an affair with the stripper right after he proclaims he’s happily married.
One gal takes revenge by killing (or attempting to kill) her attacker.
One guy (the politician’s brother) also has immoral sex.
One guy is about to loose his marriage. (cop)
One guy (clearly the ringleader) had a lousily relationship with his dad.

The only guy who is normal, who has some measure of a moral compass is the farener, (as in non-American). Hiro.

I mean, the producers couldn’t find even one “normal” American to make a hero? Sad.

My wife still likes it. I’ve given up on it. The show has too many disfunctional characters, is too fractured, and worst of all, its awfully boring for an “action” show. Looks like the continuing story is going to be pretty dark too.

Fantasy stories that rely on effects are a dime a dozen. “Heroes” needs some writers to give it a jump start. The only characters I like are the two Japanese guys. I think they deserve a spin-off!

Well, he let his “sidekick” talk him into cheating at the tables in Vegas.

All the characters are too historical man to be superheroes, in my opinion. They might wind up saving the world, but in a morally relativistic way. :wink:

These “Heroes” need to save themselves before attempting to save anyone else.

I think the reason those guys get good reviews is that they are the only emergent heroes who are actually excited about having their powers. Most of the others are so mopy and whiny and reluctant to accept what is happening to them. The only other guy who wants to be special has been mopy and depressed because he can’t figure out his power.

Hiro and his friend both grin like idiots when he does something cool bby stopping time. The way they jumped around and hugged each other after saving the little girl added a touch of levity to the show. But it seems that they will eventually get just as blue as the others in time, given the way he looked and talked when he travelled back to warn the other guy.

Actually, I took that to be the development of his responsibility with his power. In the “present” he is too haphazard with his powers; talking out loud about it, telling strangers about what he can do, flaunting his ability, etc. I think the future Hiro has learned the misuse of his powers can lead to injury or death.

I agree with you about the others being mopy and whiny. Maybe its because of their sinful behaviors.

Haven’t you ever read the Bible? Why couldn’t God find a nice normal Ancient Hebrew, instead of using messed-up guys like Jacob and David for his purposes?

Ever heard of the doctrine of Original Sin?


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